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  • Have you heard this one

    Three hermits lived together for 20 years and grew to dislike each other so much that they never spoke. One day a horse went by. After six years, the first hermit said, “Nice chestnut horse!” Four more years passed and the second hermit said, “That horse looked gray to me.” Six more years rolled around and the third hermit started to pack up.
    “Where are you going?” asked the first and second hermits. The third replied, “I’m leaving. I can’t stand so much wrangling!”

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    Re: Have you heard this one

    That's an old one, but it's still cute.
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      Re: Have you heard this one

      Of course you know the Old saying: Old people send old jokes because young people may not have heard them and besides the old people may not remember much but the old ones.
      An old person said that.