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  • Kablamo !

    Came across this scene this morning but couldn't stop to take a pic. On the way back a couple hours later, the electric company was there to replace the pole.

    Hard to believe but the only thing protecting those NG transmission lines is a chain link fence, and from the angle that this car came from, a unlucky (or maybe lucky) electric pole. Had it not been for the pole, the car might have hit one of those pipes and then as Homer would say;

    "KABLAMO !"

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    This is a county road but heavily traveled in the morning and after work. Easily over 1500 cars, trucks, and school busses on average per day.
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    Re: Kablamo !

    I'd hate to be around if someone did hit those and rupture them!
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      Re: Kablamo !

      A wooden bollard, like in the good old days.