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    Re: Changing Technology

    My understanding of the copyright law.

    Copyright law generally allows you to copy printed and electronic media for your own personal use or personal archival purposes. You must not give the copy away or sell it to stay within the law. In the case of copyrighted movies, you must not show it in a public showing. This is the same as the original movie, you cannot show it publicly.

    Most software manufacturers have conditions in their ULA (User License Agreement) stating that you cannot run two copies on different computers. You can still make a copy of the CD for archival purposes.



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      Re: Changing Technology

      Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
      I said I can't imagine consumers being satisfied with a product that will not allow them to record programs they have paid to watch



      1) Go on ebay or to a local thrift store and buy and OLD VCR that works. (Plenty around, they even have timers).

      2) Head up to Wal-mart or a dollar store and buy some NEW VHS tapes for $1 each

      3) SMILE: You just beat the consumerism brainwashing...

      Anyone else NOTICE this bs?

      Lets see, First we bought records to convert into 8 track, to become tapes, to cd's, to MP3'S THEN we need to create MP3'S to sound like the ORIGINAL RECORDS it just me seeing this?

      Also use my tip above

      OH PS: It's only for home use, I am not sure if you still can "record for a neighbor" anymore....That could be Illegal....
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        Re: Changing Technology

        Originally posted by Nevada plumber View Post
        I don't want to start a fight here, but are you aware that is illegal? Not something I would post on a public forum.
        Well, I guess everyone on YOUTUBE should be arrested as well SINCE THEY ALL use music in their videos........