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    Ever remember reading an article in Popular Mechanics years ago
    and wish you could go back and read it again?

    Well Google Book Search (beta ware) lets you do just that.

    I just finished paging through the July 1985 issue and it is amazing
    how far we have come (or not) with technology. For instance the
    1985 Chevy Caprice got 22 MPG highway and 17 City, we have not
    progressed very far in that respect have we? Also GM and Ford both
    petitioned to relax the CAFE standard because it was too costly to meet
    the 27 MPG requirement by the specified date. Chrysler on the other
    hand said they could do it no problem. So what happened? 22 years
    later and we are barely there if even close.

    There's plenty of other good reading, and the ads are funny.

    Anybody want to buy an Atari computer for ~$600 ?

    I came upon this while searching for plans for a deck lounge chair.
    It's so easy to get off on a tangent when you Google something.
    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


    1/20/2017 - The Beginning of a new Error

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    Re: PM Magazine archive

    While doing some genealogical research, I found a court document in Google Books that reported on a Wisconsin superior court case from the mid 19th century involving my great, great grandfather, his father in law and his children. No way I would have found it without Google's quest to copy and make available to the world a good portion of the written output of the english speaking world.