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Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

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    Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

    This is all part of combining Chryslers brands...

    The dealers that did not make the cut were basically the ones that did not sell all the brands.

    The not making the cut was basically an extortion letter asking for $400,000 to pick up an additional brand...

    Thats a couple of brass spheres considering they have been turning out product than can't drive off the lot... (doesn't sell)
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      Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

      Its one GIANT cut if you ask me 43% DAM!


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        Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

        I may not know what I am talking about,
        but I will give you some of my observations, now these are from a rural perspective and may not be relevant in some place larger,

        I would be reasonably sure that few dealers in our area sell over 100 new units in a years time, some may have less than 10 to 20 new cars on the lot, but will get in any thing you want.

        but what I have seen of the smaller dealers in our area,
        is IF I go in I normally am talking to the owner or a sales person who has lived his life in the community and you know if he is a jerk or some one Honorable to deal with, there is a large track record,

        back in the 1960's International Harvester Company, got the idea that these little dealers need to go and go to mega dealers they were the future, and they forced (to my understanding) the little family dealer out and pushed for large dealers that were basically one to a county or sales area, it did not seem to me that in about 10 years or so that many of the mega dealers were changing hands and or going out of business, an by 1980 they as a company was bought out by Tenneco, which was the owner of the Case tractor company, and since then there has been mergers buy out sell offs and is now CNH And in the process took out a large number of good agriculture companies disposing of there advancements and product lines a long the way, yes there still in business with the backing of The Fiat Group. but I would be hard pressed to buy one of there tractors as they may change the entire line tomorrow, and put some other line in, there parts are not plentifully or even possible to get for some older models,

        another company that I think was a good product line was Century welders, they had a good company and sales group, sold to many small dealers, put on many welding seminars they were always full, ( they sold me one of there welders do to there demonstrations), one of our local farm supply's were a superb welder and welding supply for the area, and many other smaller "coops" were too for there community's, they got the Idea that you need to do $XXX of business from them to keep there products, and did away with the sales teams, well few if any could meet the guidelines and so Farm Land took over and resold to there coops, but in a few years the line of products were near nothing with other brands taking there places, and soon I had heard that they were gone and sold out to Lincoln welders, (they from what I could tell destroyed there own company trying to act like big shots).

        I see this as a trend of dumping the little to the large,
        I see John Deere doing the same thing, (I do not know if it will hurt them or not I think it will or they many not be hurt as there are now fewer and fewer competitors that are around), in our area I not that many years ago went in and did business with a family and a few long trusted employees,

        then they wanted them to have all new buildings, most complied or loast the dealership, and the cost of parts went up, but most were still basically family owned, and ran but the employee turn over was greater, then they in the last few years a nother push to consolidate dealers come around, (now many of those buildings stand empty), and now I walk in to a dealer, I know nearly no one, the guy who once ran it is no longer there, I do not know if the sales person is shafting me or not,

        the same thing has happening to our local cooperative grain elevators, the merged to become some mega business, (now we do not vote as owners, only for board members),
        one of them after many mergers has sold out to Cennex, no longer owned by the locals at all no board members or any thing, and totally at the whim of the big shots a few states off.

        (but there attitude is that they are so much smarter than the people who keep them in business, yes many farmers were an are hurting, but were not the ones mergering to keep from going bankrupt, as most of the coops were as they had leveraged them selves out to far, even tho were "owner" Farmer owned, they screw us with higher fuel prices, and tire prices and most ever other thing they sell to us as they will run any small competitor out of business, and as they become a community monopoly they give less service and poorer prices).

        would rather do business with a small family owned business that I know the owner and the family, and is part of a community, than some cooperate ran and owned that gives no a care for there employees, or there customers, all they want is there money.

        and all I see is that so many of these companies are wanting to push out the small family ran business (just as the family farm is slowly being destroyed),

        bigger by any means does not mean better,

        what would happen to Ridgid if for some reason they decide you need a dozen employees before you could buy Ridgid tools for your company, or business. how many of you would continue with Ridgid. IF you were deemed to small to do business with them?

        My own personal opinion is this move will only hasten there demise,
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          Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

          The inland empire area in So Cal has been getting hit pretty hard for over a year now. A number dealerships, GM and Dodge have closed up there.


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            Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

            This is an interesting video by a dealer in our county, which is the oldest family operated Dodge dealer in the country that is getting closed. They sell 30 cars a year (mostly Vipers), and the owner actually works in the garage. One of his customers is an attorney and is representing him against Chrysler pro bono.



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              Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

              i saw Tator was on the chopping block..... A real shame, right down the street from Richard Gere good people and been around forever, my first jeep came from there!


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                Re: Did Your Chrysler Dealer Make the Cut?

                got s letter from chrystler today sawing that my sprinter warranty is fully covered and parts and service will remain for years

                hopefully the letter is not used to replace my bidet

                phoebe it is