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  • Heh heh heh heh............................

    some of you will know that i was doing or trying to get some work with our local gov't here in rankin.

    during the building checks i noticed that instead of fixing a drip, a bucket was usually put under it.

    i figure that one of the duties the gov't guys have is to make sure the buckets don't overflow.

    so i walk into the old gov't coffee room i use to frequent during my apprentice years. i grab a styro-foam cup to get a cup of coffee and this is what i see.

    a little drip bucket!!!

    i had my camera on me and i just couldn't resist.


    our taxes hardly working.

    it is a bit of a big deal to get in another coffee maker i guess. but honestly, how hard can it be to replace a rubber washer?
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    Re: Heh heh heh heh............................

    It's not that the job to replace the rubber washer would be hard or even take long, or even cost much.

    But like you said this is a gov coffee maker in a gov office, so the red tape and the forms in triplicate would be astronomical. Also you know you would have to do this after working hours (someone would complain that they need their coffee fix during the day) so now you are on overtime pay. The rubber washer could be bought for fifty cents at the plumbing wholesaler, but the gov would need to do an egineering survey on this part and design one to spec and then put it out for bids with a minimum order of 1,000, of which 999 of them would be held in storage for two years and then sold at a gov surplus auction for scrap. The water dept would have to be notified to shut down the water, hazmat be on standby in case any of the chlorinated water was spilled, fire dept on standby since the water will be off, electricians notified to disconnect the power and return to service once repair was made, lock-out tag-out training and procedures followed, depending on how small that break room is might even need confined space training, how about some ppe (hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection). Since this is on food equipment we will have to address the cleaning of the equipment after the repair is made. I forgot to talk about the issue of the water being hot and it could burn you, might need to call the paramedics and have them on stand-by also.

    So you see Vince the old drip cup is really much cheaper on the tax payer in the long run, and besides you would not want the drip cup manufacturer to sue the gov for putting them out of business.

    Good luck with it.