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    Re: New Van Wrap

    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
    Looks great. It should certainly get you noticed.

    Next time maybe to play on the Plumbing Paramedics company name a bit put the lettering backward on the front of the truck like they do on ambulances. Then people in front of you will get an eyeful too, those coming the other way will subconsciously see the backward writing and look at it too.


    Maybe change the color of the lettering on the front so it is more visible (this is a quick and dirty edit, but you'll get the idea).


    Yea my first thought was to do that, but then I really thought about it and never understood why real ambulances do it. I understand for the mirror but never liked it.
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      Re: New Van Wrap

      Very good design.
      Smooth,clean flow.

      Many have wasted vinyl job on something that reads like a magazine add with a detailed background that needs to be static to process.can't catch it all on the move.Ends up a mess on the road.
      Looks great in the driveway from a loungechair though.