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Inuit woman complains about New Zealand "Eskimo" candy

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  • Inuit woman complains about New Zealand "Eskimo" candy

    this just recently hit the news up here.

    i guess an inuit woman living in new zealand became quite offended when she learned of the candy that has been enjoyed for about 55 years.

    she has also targeted the NFL team the "edmonton eskimos", and the american ice cream treat the "eskimo pie".

    i did notice though that she failed to comment on our names for certian races of people.

    Kabloonaq/Qablunaq - is the name for white people. being half inuit and half english/german i became courious about the word. translated it means eyebrows and stomach. if we take it a step further it becomes bushy eyebrows and a big stomach. IMHO i feel that this is more offensive than the name of a candy.

    i've come across this kind of thing before and i want to say for the record that not all inuit think alike. basically them kind got their head up their butt so far they can almost see day light.

    i try to tell these types that we should feel honoured that somebody would recognize, respect and use our culture to sell a product. i think that's pretty cool.


    french people are called "ouiouimuit"

    because they always say oui.
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    Re: Inuit woman complains about New Zealand "Eskimo" candy

    She is looking for a cash settlement instead of working for a living. No judge should allow the suit to be filed.
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