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What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin?

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    Re: What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin? RADIO SHACK

    Shopping list: 500 ft of speaker wire, 25 micro sonic speakers [waterproof]

    D.C. disk player . From the library Any senate speeches from Ted Kennedy.

    Took Me 8 hrs. They never returned!
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Re: What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin?

      what ever you do, don't do like what "plumber" did with copper electrodes

      he killed the moles, but the electricians killed him off the forum

      should be pretty simple to search for.

      look up "plumber" and search his mole threads

      phoebe it is


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        Re: What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin?

        Apparently we've forgotten that we are now in a new age. I prefer nogotiation!

        I have about three chipmonks and a half dozen squirrels to contend with. We've reached an understanding that if I keep the four or five cats in my neighborhood the heck out of my yard, the chipmonks will confine their habitats to the rock wall next to my deck, and under the sidewalk on the lower end of my lot. (The CAT is probably your best bet, they've nabbed my chipmonks at least twice in the last couple of years, including the one that lived under the sidewalk in my lower yard... the cat's aren't welcome in my yard!)

        The squirrels aren't so concerned with the cats as they can usually out run them, but they do consider that my deck is sort of a green zone for them... cat's don't come onto the deck unless they feel suicidal.

        In exchange for some cute behaviour, I provide some dry corn and peanuts for these friendly little neighbors and they leave my house and deck undamaged. It's nice to observe their interactions and after awhile you get to recognize thier behaviour patterns. Squirrels will happily come up to the sliding glass door to see if I'm at my desk and if so will do a little stand-up on their hind legs and put their front paws together to get my attention. If theres a predator in the area, they go up the tree over my deck and make quite a commotion. (I caught a rather large snake last year, thanks to that.)

        (We have rattle snakes in the area, fortunately this one wasn't!... but I don't like snakes of any kind.)

        With the other house I'm working on, I leave this one for one or two weeks at a time, and surprisingly nothing gets "chewed" here. It's funny to see them come to the door; often I'm still unpacking the van and it's a bit strange that they recognize my arrival. Some say squirrels don't have enough memory to know where they stash their food, but I don't believe it... it seems they know when the van is back in the driveway!



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          Re: What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin?

          This could be fun. I'd approach it two ways. Guns and *****.btw those are pellet guns
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            Re: What's The Best Way To Kill Alvin?

            Let us not forget a few classics:



            And my personal favorite:

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