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    Originally posted by CWSmith View Post

    I think my 68 Plymouth Valiant was the last car I owned with vent windows. (My 65 VW and the 56 Merc had them, but IIRC by the time I bought my 76 Mercury they were gone!).

    Do you also remember that on many cars (my 68 Valiant being one), the floor vent was simply a little door you opened back under the dash board? There was one on the driver's side and another on the passenger's side.

    (On a 70 MG-GT I bought my son when he turned 16 (that was in '85) the floor vent duct was was situated behind the radio console, on the transmission hump, directly below the cowling vent in front of the windscreen. No drainage provision, and if the vent doors were closed the the thing would fill with rainwater, which just waited for you to open the vent the next day. If the vent door was left open, it simple run into the front leg wells and saturate the carpet.)

    Also, dimmer switches that were on the floor... to the left of the clutch pedal or brake (if you had an automatic). The 76' Mercury was so badly designed that the parking brake cable flexed up against the dimmer switch and it wouldn't work.

    Also remember that early 60's Chrysler cars had "push-button" drive, instead of a shift lever. My first "factory job" was inspecting the cables used for those
    At the same time, I did inspection work on the flex-shaft linkage between the gas pedal and carburator that would be used on the upcoming 65' Ford Mustang. As I understand it, most cars before that used a linkage made up of steel rods and pins.

    In the mid or late 50's Chrysler DeSoto the shift lever stuck straight out of the dash like an arrow. It was about 8-inches long and was noted for spearing any passenger that was unlucky enough to be sitting in the middle. No seat belts back then!

    You made me go to the shed and take a pic of my Grandfathers '62 Dodge Pushbutton Transmission.

    For those that haven't seen one....
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