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  • I'm a Californian

    Finally made it to CA from VA after 14 days. I drove the truck and the wif drove the car. The boy was my copilot until yesterday. I guess he was tired of listening to the white stripes. First we stopped at the outlet mall in NC where we both found some good deals (I got 6 cargo shorts and a jacket from the timberland store and paid 62).

    We stayed at the inlaws house in GA to see my brother in law graduate HS. We're very proud of him but now he thinks he knows the world. Typical and he'll grow out of it. Also lit some fireworks and the cops did show up. Nothing happened and according to the wif, it's because "I'm a couple shades lighter". Unfortunantly, in that town, it's believeable.

    Stopped in gulfport, ms to see some old seabee friends and catch up. Since I'm a west coast bee now, chances are I won't see them again. Very impressed with the rebuilding after Katrina.

    On to LA and I met Hebertdraincare and we chatted for a short time about plumbing and emptied the truck to show him the K60. It rides in the back, not shotgun like some people I know. Really enjoyed talking to Lenny and poked fun at the wif who get's nervous when I meet forum members. The wif(in a heavy southern accent) "alright now, how long you known them? Don't go inside, you gonna end up in their basement." I love messing with her and when we left, Lenny walked to the truck(she sat in the truck) and told her "Ready to go to the basement"? She laughed and told me later she thought Lenny was real nice.

    Also went to the Cabela's store in LA and managed to spend less then 100. I could spend all day their but left there with dissapointment. I saw a 12v microwave for 27$. I was going to buy 10 of them when the sales lady told me the price is wrong and was really around 200.

    Then we saw my parents in TX where I bought new tires. The tread was looking real bad on the truck and I crossed my fingers and made it to tx. My Dad took the boy to the zoo and taught him to swing a bat and did the typical granddaddy thing. They both really enjoyed the stay. My Mom fed us constantly(you gain 5 lbs just from hugging my Mom-osmosis effect).

    Also went to my childhood home in TX(left tx when I was 7 to HI). Really nice to see everything I remembered and brought back some good memories. Then saw my sister in northern TX. Took us 2 days to finally leave tx and about 30 minutes to go through AZ. TX is a huge state.

    Through AZ and NM on the flat land, the wif was averaging 45mpg in a 98 toyota camry by drafting me. I filled up 3 times before she needed to. The mountains of NM and southern CA were beautiful and can't compare. I can't wait to see the grand canyon.

    The entire trip was great thanks to the company I had and the scenery around me. The boy is 5 and never once asked "how much longer"? Just read books and did crossword puzzles and slept. Great copilot. The wif really helped me out with everything and never complained. The scenery was great the entire way and with good music on the ipod, the trip was great.

    We stayed every night at a best western and this was the highlight of the boy's trip. He could jump on the bed, was tv late at night and go to the pool. He really enjoyed himself. Whenver I got bored or tired, talking to a good friend was just a phone call away.

    We're now going to stay in socal and visit seaworld and lego land for the weekend before going to ventura. My only regret is that I didn't work out and ate anything(cracklins are so good) so I gained at least 15lbs. I can't wait to move in on mon and stop spending money and eat a home cooked meal.
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    Re: I'm a Californian

    Mark, Brenda and crew
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      Re: I'm a Californian

      shotgun good idea

      so a couple more days of junk food

      then a chocolate milkshake

      nice location, right

      phoebe it is


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        Re: I'm a Californian

        Man that is the kind of road trip I want to do. I will need all the addresses of where you stopped at... just kidding. But I really would like to drive cross country like that. So far i have driven to Canada a few times, to Fort Gordan Georgia, Some back woods place in Alabama to pick up a jetter, flew to Buffalo New York to drive back an old beat up International dump truck, flew to Texas and drove back a 1980 Vette, and drove to Mesa Arizona for a gamers convention.

        But each trip was hurry and get there and hurry and get back. I want to drive and see the sites enjoy the drive. Just take the time to see it all. Do wish I could of done that when my kid was younger, she is 18 now... too cool to hang with dad.
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          Re: I'm a Californian

          Welcome Ben,
          So what kind of trouble shall we stir first.


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            Re: I'm a Californian

            Glad you and the family had a safe and sounds like, a memorable trip.

            See you soon, I'm sure!

            PS: Adam gave me the address of your new place, so we will be over for brunch on monday