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E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

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  • E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

    The title says it all!

    On E-bay you can find replacement lithium 3ah batteries..Home Depot --nope

    On E-bay you can find the two new style Ridgid work lights. One uses a 9watt fluorescent
    lamp, the other uses a luxeon LED and runs on the 18V battery. You can also find a Luxeon LED bulb exact replacement for the 18v flashlight ..that's the one that has 18V at the lamp socket.....Home Depot..nope

    On E-bay you can find the new 18v Ridgid/Fuego small reciprocating saw similar to the R3030 but it runs on 18V...Home Depot ..nope

    On E-bay you can find the single charger that includes the lithium-ion battery function...
    Home Depot...nope

    None of these are even listed on this Ridgid website...but they do show only one 18v nicad battery.

    It really would be nice if this website kept its "loyal Ridgid tool users" up to date with the new products and Home Depot or the other "authorized dealers" would list them.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

    I have no idea how those things find their way to E-bay but fair enough on us not listing them on Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

      I've gotten some things from e-bay, but I'd prefer to buy tools locally. I can't get into the minds of the folks in charge of Ridgid, but it seems they can make fine tools and do have a loyal following both in the trades and with diy'rs. Why Ridgid has refused to compete with milwaukee, dewalt and the rest by offering tool for tool competition I'll never know. My home depot has very few tools available for hands on access, some nice pictures are displayed. This Forum has been and continues to be a great place for social interaction and useful information, I hope Ridgid survives through sales of it's various tools and machines. Personally, even without the LSA I would buy more Ridgid cordless tools if they were offered.


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        Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

        Yeah there is definitely a need for Ridgid to expand their marketing.

        Just talking with a friend of mine who asked why I buy Ridgid tools because "I thought they were cheap homeowner things". I explained the origins of Ridgid, Ryobi, the LLSA, etc. He had a much better understanding of the tools (and why I buy them) after that, but you have to figure he is just one of MANY people that have the wrong opinion (IMHO) of Ridgid tools.

        I wonder if its just because DeWalt yellow is a louder/brighter color


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          Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

          Thanks for your reply ProBrand.

          It's just so frustrating to try and locate Ridgid products at Home Depot.
          The Home Depot website and the store are two separate entities and frequently never agree!
          I have been told Home Depot stores vary as the demographics delineate. Thus you can have Home Depot stores a few miles apart yet they have different inventories.

          For example...A Home Depot store in Phoenix carries a full line of Hilti products, while a Home Depot less than 5 miles away does not carry any Hilti products.

          I wonder if you have any idea as to how some folks on E-bay get Ridgid tools in quantity?
          I have seen one fellow offering 20+ tool bags, flashlights, assorted power tools and many are obviously not kits taken apart. HOW DOES HE DO THAT???????

          I am aware of a few places authorized to sell refurbished tools..but often the items on E-bay are brand new! and often never seen at Home Depot

          You may want to visit E-bay and just take a peek then at the next Ridgid strategy meeting
          discuss this phenomenon and try to come up with a solution....

          Perhaps this website can establish a retail section selling Ridgid tools [only] that Home Depot does not carry. I am not implying we set up an E-bay type site or offer used tools..just brand new Ridgid tools "factory direct" and an easier way to register them for the lifetime warranty.

          -or- how about making a deal with to become an authorized retailer and offer good prices? By the way, Amazon does seem to offer some Ridgid products already.

          Cactus Man


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            Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

            and not all home depot branch carry a full line of ridgid, much less parts and accesories.. you have to be very patient..


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              Plant stand

              Plant stand water features is like a creeper premeditated to swathe around your potted plant in astonishing style.


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                Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

                I'll admit it - I've done the parting out thing on eBay myself from time to time.

                Cactusman, the thing you have to understand, is that some things just sell out real good, and become hard to stock and find. For example, the 3.0 Ah lithium ion 18 volt battery - I've seen multiple of those at every single HD store I've visited in both Ontario and Michigan; no shortage of those. However, they could be missing in your area due to a regional distribution issue, and that's more of an HD thing than a Ridgid thing.

                Also, I know in my case, the way that some re-sellers get those tools in big quantities and great prices is to simply read the flyers, find a great deal/sale (15% off powertools, for example), and to use that to leverage against other discounts (maybe find clearance tools selling at almost 1/2 of their price to begin with, and then compile both of these things along with 10% off for starting a new credit card). You then buy a bunch of these to resell on eBay. [It also helps to make friends with a Manager, who can maybe get you better discounts, and/or who have to give the approval for all of these discounts to apply.] Then, after selling these things on eBay, you pay off and close the credit card, waiting for another opportunity to do this again.

                And, a lot of these are people who buy a kit, and then simply separate them out - they may only want the batteries, or just a single tool - and then they sell the rest of the tools at a great price, but all combined, they more than pay for the purchasing cost of the original kit, giving them a little profit, on top of keeping the solo tool or battery they want.

                The majority of stuff parted out, therefore, is not applicable for the LLSA, and I as well as some other sellers (unlike some on eBay, I'll admit) will make sure that purchasers know that.

                Yes, it's a lot of work and time consuming. But it can have it's advantages. I've bought over $8000 work of Ridgid tools, in the cordless powertool category primarily, over the past 2 years. I personally kept/own about $2000 worth, and in selling the other stuff, I basically made enough doing it to cover the cost of me getting my own Ridgid toys.

                Guilty as charged.


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                  Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

                  Canucksartech I bet I have purchased stuff from you, thanks.

                  Cactus Man


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                    Re: E-bay beats home Depot/Ridgid again!!

                    With HD being the only supplier in Canada of the Ridgid brand tools, it very hard to find some of the tools. The store in Kanata does not seem to carry the big sets anymore, they have replaced the display set with another brand. The HD Canada has also dropped the Max Select models from stock. Buy a tool from them do not expect to get any more if you like it and more than one of them.
                    I think Ridgid needs to look at the marketing plan and see about opening their line of power tools to another retailer in Canada.