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Thinking about HealthCare in the U.S.

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  • Thinking about HealthCare in the U.S.

    I often see that when problems don't directly affect people, they don't seem to care about it enough to do anything. So it got me thinking and wondered others' opinions.

    Do you think that better ideas and focus would come about on the U.S. HealthCare & Insurance system if government benefit-health insurance was completely dropped throughout?

    Meaning if you have ANY government job, you are 100% responsible for your and your relatives HealthCare & Insurance. There is no government supplied insurance.

    I think one of the biggest problems or hurdles is that everyone in government participates in a Socialist HealthCare system supported by a majority that is not eligible for the same system. Their's is taken care of so they have less incentive to improve others.

    Your thoughts?


    (P.S. I think ALL elected officials children should have to attend public schools only. Want to be in government? Participate fully in what the average person you represent must use also.)

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    Re: Thinking about HealthCare in the U.S.

    One thing that would help mountains,
    would be some realistic tort reform, if the lawsuits were to be much tougher to file and judgments limited to a realistic levels, (no money will never replace a life), but there has to be limits,

    mistakes will be made, and some will not have recoverable results,

    Here is a local example of the DR that lived next to my mother in our local community,

    when he first came he had a woman come to him that was pregnant, the baby was severely deformed, (brain on the out side of the head), they did tests and took pictures and there was no way the baby was to survive if and when born, a recommendation was made by the medical community, they rejected that suggestion, and carried the baby to term, it was born and died, they sued the DR, for it death, it took 5 years to clear him of wrong doing and negligence.

    what did that cost the lawyers and the local hospital and community,

    (I do think there needs to be some recourse for true negligence and purposeful and stupid actions),

    To my understanding the liability insurance for our two local Dr's, is more than there salaries there payed to them by the hospital district in our local community,

    I have been told to have a baby deliverd now in our area the bill is over $6,000
    HOW do you get a SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR bill for 6 hrs of work, 24 at the most?
    it is not the labor or the clean up, it is the insurance premiums, (then they were born it was $600, and that was expensive. but still payable if one did not have insurance).

    My daughers have chose to use midwives and home deliver. I wonder why,
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