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    Re: Child Support

    what statistics prove is that people are unreliable, marriage is just fine, the tv has conditioned the populace to have blind belief in fairytales.

    I've been married 16 years, we lived together for 5 before we were married, my oldest is 15 this year, born 15 months after we were married.

    we live in a throw away society based on shiny and new things, instant satisfaction, and the "its all about me mentality", once it gets tough we don't want to work at it anymore.

    once the newness of a relationship wears off its all about work and compromise from both sides, people get together and suddenly they need to get married cause baby makes three.

    The kids did not ask to be here, they were invited along on this journey and it is at least 18 years minium, you have no life until the children are raised, period. It is all about the kids. Look at the state of things today, the whole thing is a mess, and we have done it to ourselves.

    That being said the courts are a joke, both sides must be able to survive and there must be some kind of balance.


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      Re: Child Support

      I'm getting married saturday night.

      Quick, bring gifts, in the form of CASH, it's not going to last.

      All are

      You married people? Stick together; it's the only sanity left in this small world.

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        Re: Child Support

        I got married on may 9th. I think I picked a good one, but then who doesn't?

        Her judgment can't be all that great since she'll have me!

        Good luck Garager, and Mark is right about the most important thing in all this--protect your kids from the process however you can. They are going to be affected by how this pans out for the next 20 years or so at least. Don't let it fall on their shoulders no matter what. You owe it to them.

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          Re: Child Support

          with all those deductions, i dont think theres anything left for you.. find a new job..


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            Re: Child Support

            Prenuptial, is for rich folks, I was poor when I got hitched. And it was for love and not some joint commitment for taxes or something. This man is a father and not some deadbeat, I'll do what I must and that's that. Finding another job, nope, I'll stay with what I have but I'll better myself to make more money, and that means either a lease operator or owner operator. That's about the only way to make more dollars in this business. 7 years of this, then I can start a plan for a new house and what ever else I want. Though, I do have plans to sell all my tools and get my Harley that I want, the wife will end up with half of the sales too.
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              Re: Child Support

              When I got divorced I took $1,500.00 my pick up and my hand tools. I gave her all the rest. I signed off on my half of the equity for the property and gave it to her. In return for signing off I received significantly reduced child support payments and no alimony payments.

              High monthly payments would have been devastating and I didn't want to wait until the kids were older to negotiate a sale of the house I hadn't been living in anyway.

              Another way to come out better is to hook up with someone who receives more money from their ex-husband than you are paying your ex-wife.


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                Re: Child Support

                I raised my daughter starting at age 5 and my son at age 18 months without ever receiving 1 red cent of child support fom their mother. While it was difficult financially at times it was sure nice not to have to deal with my exwife. My children are now 26 and 30 and their mother still doesn't have anything to do with them. So when you here of all the deadbeat dads out there remember there are a few of us that deal with deadbeat moms as well.