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Factory-Reconditioned Tool tech dropped the ball

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  • Factory-Reconditioned Tool tech dropped the ball

    Hi I guess I came in here just to vent my frustration, I recently purchased a Ridgid Factory-Reconditioned 3/8 HP, Oscillating Edge Belt/Spindle Sander on 6.04.09. first of all I had to wait a few days until they had them in stock, which I understood right from the beginning, so yes of course I was ok with that, then once in stock it took another 6 days to receive it.
    Finally on 6.10.09, it was delivered, now here is where the frustration comes in ... upon receiving the tool I began to assembled it, when it came to the "spindle knob" it has left handed threads so whoever had purchased it before me must had not realized the threads went on couter clock wise and eventually stripped the threads ... so he or she returned it
    Me being the next buyer of the "reconditioned tool" got the spindle knob that has stripped threads, I called the company that I purchased the tool from and they ordered a new spindle knob, here we are on 6.17.09 and have not been able to use my new tool because it arrived inoperable, I was told it would arrive from 10-14 days. Personally I feel, they could have overnighted it to me. I feel the technician that reconditioned the tool should have noticed the threads were stipped if he was on top of it!

    anyway, I just needed to vent and am looking forward to using the sander very soon! It may not be a big deal to some of you, but when you bought a tool because you have a project you need this particular tool for, then it is a huge deal ...
    thanx for listening!!!!
    san diego, ca

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    Re: Factory-Reconditioned Tool tech dropped the ball

    A Rigdid recon tool tech dropped the ball on my refurbed R4330 planer too. It works great but the 21 blade screws were put on by the German ladies weight lifting team. I'm stronger than most people I know and I've only managed to loosen 5 of the 21 screws after using penetrating oil, tapping them with a hammer, etc., they won't budge. There's just no need for that and a tech should have either noticed or known better. Ridgid CS has sent new blades to replace those that are getting dinged up in the process of loosening the screws, but I'm still gonna need to take to a service center to get those screws out. It's just stupid and needless to do in the first place....not an ordinary human error.

    It'll all be water under the damn in short order...hang in there!


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      Re: Factory-Reconditioned Tool tech dropped the ball

      Thanks for your support, it is water under the dam, but you have to wonder what goes throught these supposed techs mind!
      I would think they go over these tools with a fine tooth comb and take pride in their work ... maybe i'm just a different type of person and have a work ethic that obviously differs from these so called techs

      Here I am still waiting for the knob and have not been able to even see how my sander works

      Hopefully. it will arrive in the next day or two (it's already going on 3 weeks)

      San Diego, Ca


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        Re: Factory-Reconditioned Tool tech dropped the ball


        I understand your frustration. Not sure where you purchased the "refurb" from, but from my point of view they probably should have just replaced the whole tool for you. Of course I don't know how much trouble it will be to replace the threaded piece, but I would think a replacement would have saved you that effort.

        So, it's pretty obvious that someone, somewhere didn't do their job, and of couse that also means that quality assurance missed the boat too. Hopefully things will straighten out quickly and your future experience with Ridgid tools will be much, much better.