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    Re: New Puppy

    Okay fast forward and my English Springer Spaniel puppy is now 3-weeks short of a year old.

    Here are a couple of pictures of her working with my son Jon's 2-year old Springer. You might notice Rosie has a tongue like an ant eater.

    On another note, being she is still in the chewing stage, she ate my soft spa cover a piece at a time until I thought she would fall through the cover. At first it was just the skirt, followed by the side panels and eventually she started digging for water through the cover. I ordered a special aluminum hard cover to protect the spa but now she is convinced it is her new sun deck. These pictures were taken through the window.

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      Re: New Puppy

      I had a Springer Spaniel when I was a kid. Awesome dogs, friendly to a fault.

      The best dog for kids - my other favourite dog is a Lab, but some of them can't get out of their own way........
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        Re: New Puppy

        Beautiful pup you got there - Love Spaniels of all makes and models. . . sure can raise hell if they get bored though
        Got a King Charles staying w/ me and my mastiff pups- She gives them once over every twenty minutes to remind them who's the top ***** of the pack.