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    Re: And Michael

    They just read his will, his wishes were for cremation.

    The EPA stepped in immediately and stated that plastic burning will not be allowed.

    Anyone doing that many drugs was a threat to their children, including the activities that took place in his bedroom. If a child can describe recognizing marks of the genital area of an adult...

    GUILTY of the obvious and of the jury of peers. The healing can now begin for those children who were victimized.
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      Re: And Michael

      Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
      Michael Jackson didn't die from cardiac arrest!

      It was food poisoning!

      He ate 12 year old nuts!

      I can see lots more of these coming!

      Thanks papadan for getting the ball rolling!!!
      Michael Meyers quote, he ate "Cream of Someyounguy"


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        Re: And Michael

        Originally posted by papadan View Post
        Farrah Fawcett got to the pearly gates first,

        Says"'Please God look after all the Children"

        MJ suddenly drops dead,


        That was a good one Dan.
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          Video of the funeral

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