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  • How do I do it?

    I just used my shop vac to suck up a basement water problem and it's pretty heavy. I see there is some type of valvue on the back but I've never used this before for water. I don't know how to open that so would someone please tell me if it require a lot of hand power? I have a disfigured hand (arthritis) so it's difficult for me to twist anything very much. Please advise how to turn it to open. I have a floor drain so I can position it over that drain easily. Thank you Write to my e-mail because I don't know if I can find this website again.
    PS: I live in Lakewood, Ohio (west of Cleveland) and I could use someone nearby that may be able to talk with me about such things? Thank you.

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    Re: How do I do it?

    I do not have a Ridgid but do have Sears, and Sears was and may be still made by Emerson,
    depending on the speed of the net you have this video show the drain on the one model of shop vac, a ways in to it,

    I call it the front of the vac there is a cap on the bottom between two feet/castors, unscrew and drain, if that does not work take off the motor filter top and bucket the water out to where it is lift able and dump,

    a pipe wrench or water pump type pliers (adjustable wide jaw) may help you if your hands are weak or damaged, to remove the cap,

    if it is a different style of vac, than the one in the video there are other videos of the products, and my guess is they would show that feature being used, if not open and bucket if all else fails,
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