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RIDGID Tools I used today....

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  • RIDGID Tools I used today....

    Thought this one might be an interesting thread to post to...

    I am in the middle of doing some rewiring of a couple circuits in my basement so i got to used a wide range of RIDGID Tools. It was technically today because I was up till 1am last night

    - Model 96E-Dual Romex Strippers
    - 12" Crescent Wrench (for turning the jacks for my floor)
    - SeeSnake micro (Fishing wires through old balloon construction)
    - 6in1 screwdriver
    - 18V Drill
    - 18" Pipe wrench (wrap around old wires to pull from walls - electricity off ;-)

    So what did you use today...

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    Re: RIDGID Tools I used today....

    -14.4V Drill/Deriver
    -14.4 Impact Driver
    -3612 Table Saw

    Built some flower boxes out of landscape timbers. I must have pre-drilled and screwed in over 100 4" long screws. I was impressed that both the drill/driver and impact driver both worked all day long on one charge and still had plenty of power left at the end of the project.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Re: RIDGID Tools I used today....

      i used a
      pipe wrench
      crescent wrench
      copper pipe cutter
      a Portable Tristand Vises

      My seek the peek fundraiser page

      new work pictures 12/09


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        Re: RIDGID Tools I used today....

        10" and 14" HD pipe wrenches
        Spud wrench
        Old timer #10 tubing cutter

        The other tools aren't RIDGID so I won't bother listing them.


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          Re: RIDGID Tools I used today....

          i'm on vacation so the only ridgid tool i used was the ridgid forum

          oh i did wear my ridgid shirt yesterday

          phoebe it is