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Hey Ya wanna buy 2 new demo hammers ????

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  • Hey Ya wanna buy 2 new demo hammers ????

    Yesterday, sitting in the sun eating My lunch [Const. site S.F. ] New white Toyota auto pulls
    across the street. "Hey You want to buy 2 new jack hammers ?? " Sure pull over, be right
    there. Grab pen and paper ,keep it out of site. 2 brand new demo hammers in there cases
    in his hatch back. 2 for $500. about 40 lbers look like Hatachies,must be #600 each in store. I keep Him busy taking one out of the case ,got lic. plat #. Just a bad time to spend $ ,no thanks. Don't go, $350 for both!!!!. Walk inside call the Valencia st. police station.
    To dispatcher Here's the plate #,car ,and person[ hispanic] description, He 's heading towards You ,with stolen tools!! You should of called earlier!, He just left! Should of called 911 instead of the police station She says!!!!! You know, They stole my tools 2 weeks ago
    Guys. I give up The Cops today, are good at writing reports ! They'll NEVER get My assistance again !! My Grand Farther was a real cop, Early 1900s. today they're over paid, and over weight! End of RANT
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: Hey Ya wanna buy 2 new demo hammers ????

    When I worked as a Telephone Lineman in The Bronx, NY we were constantly approached to buy stolen tools. Most times they were taken off the workers real close to where we were working. A few times I got some tools, sawsalls and other small power tools for cheap $10 and was able to find the owners. Nothing worse than stealing a working man's tools! We had a huge Aluminum Frame used to pull cable through manholes stolen right out of the manhole, they put it up on the roof of a station wagon and took off down the street. We found it outside a junk yard, owner said he paid $20, replacement value over $1000. Nowadays I would not advise doing what I did, you risk being charged with buying stolen goods.


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      Re: Hey Ya wanna buy 2 new demo hammers ????

      In Red Bank, SC I was part of the crew installing the ductwork. Anyway, peoples tools kept getting robbed and job boxes broken into. The masons on the job came in late and worked till 8pm but one day stayed extra late and caught the thief.

      It turned out to be one of the electritions. They beat him bloody and left him there. The next morning, the guy is still there, I heard they broke his legs, and the sheriff shows up.

      The sheriff asks what happened and the job sup says "I don't know, he started yelling, got a wild look in his eyes and jumped off the manlift". Sheriff said, "You guys still have a problem with tools stolen?" Job sup "No, I think it's taken care of." Sheriff "Reckon so. Ambulance will be here shortly".

      Found out that the guy was pawning the tools and some were recovered and he got arrested. Nothing happened to the masons.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Hey Ya wanna buy 2 new demo hammers ????

        Don't give up on the cops, as you were probably speaking to just an operator of some sort. Besides, if that was a cop and she was in the station, she's not a real cop. Real cops are out on the street risking their lives and not hiding out in the air conditioning. Calling 911 would have been better because you don't have to "wait in line" with all the other "My neighbor's dog pooped in my yard etc." complaints.

        It would have been nice to see them get those dirtbags.