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4Th of July, Not Just A Cookout!

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  • 4Th of July, Not Just A Cookout!

    Many of use will either be grill'in or going to a cookout tomorrow. I'll be the one cooking for my family, plenty of food, deserts and drinks. Kids will be playing and older folks trading stories from their past. Me, I'll have the grill jumping, steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs. Still, in all the noise and confusion I swear I won't lose the true meaning of this most special day! I'll be thankful for all the effort and sacrifice those many years ago. I'll think about all the turmoil since and the present dire events for many not as lucky. I wonder if a movement will rise up and shake the legislators out of their stupor? I wonder if a hero will step forward before it's too late. I'll get my fill of food, but I'll think thoughts far beyond the feast.

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    Re: 4Th of July, Not Just A Cookout!

    Don't forget to fly the flag!

    Sadly almost all "national holidays" have been lost in their shuffle....meaning:

    The days have been changed since the original day was so inconvenient. To satisfy so many biased groups we have added all sorts of meaningless holidays...I'll avoid mentioning here as it will cause a flame war....

    Most private businesses can't give their employees all these holidays off so they end up paying time and a half. This is quite costly!

    The ones that really gain are government employees..damn they get so many days off and our representatives, they have the best retirement and health care....say, I have an about we put all government folks on the same playing field as the rest of us poor slobs? No free haircut or free lunch or free shoe shines etc.

    Once "they" receive the same as us it would be fast and easy to fix it!

    By the way..when was the last time you voted vacation time or a raise for yourself?

    Cactus Man


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      Re: 4Th of July, Not Just A Cookout!

      Cactus Man, you're right our elected officials are living in a different reality. If they shared our economical difficulties maybe they would feel the need to move swiftly towards some solutions. Their priorities are A-- backwards.