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Happy 4th of july

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  • Happy 4th of july

    So I figure I need to gripe and I'm not sure where to put this so here goes....

    When I was a kid we could ride bikes without helmets. We could rollerskate without pads, we could shoot cap guns AND water guns that looked real.

    We could ALSO SHOOT FIREWORKS!!!!!

    What is wrong with this nation? I am the ONLY person on my entire street that puts out an AMERICAN FLAG on the 4th of July.

    I went to the fireworks stand today and bought some black cats. I was outside cleaning the grill getting it ready to cook some steaks and grill on the 4th of July, which I thought was NORMAL!!!! and while I was out there I took out 6, please note SIX black cats. I tried them together and lit them on my concrete driveway! There is nothing else on my driveway and it's wide enough for 2 full size vehicles to park in and long enough for 4.
    Well my communist neighbor was outside on her driveway when I lit these 6 black cats. She turns around looks at me all pissed off and goes in the house. Then comes back out about 2 minutes later, gets in her car and drives off. As she drives by she gives me this PISSED OFF LOOK.

    I put new charcoal in the grill, go inside and wash my hands sit down with a cold beer and my dog starts going nuts at the window.

    I look outside and there is a police officer walking up to my front door.
    He rings the bell and tells me the police department received an anonymous call from one of my neighbors that someone was shooting off fireworks. He asked me if I had shot any fire works off. I said, "Yes sir, I shot 6 black cats".
    He said, well you can't shoot them in town, it's $500 fine and I have to see and hear you doing it so this is a warning. He said he doesn't agree with it either, he said he has shot fireworks since he was a kid and will continue to shoot them, just not in town. Then told me to have a good day.

    I just don't get it, I can understand if I was shooting bottle rockets at someone's house or property or something....but 6 black cats, that's all I shot, in the middle of a concrete driveway. Does that really warrant a call to the police?
    I hope my communist neighbor has a WONDERFUL 4th of July.

    To everyone else have a Truely Wonderful 4th of July, God Bless America and thank you to all our MEN AND WOMEN in Uniform!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Happy 4th of july

    Sorry you had such a lousy experience. I never heard of such a thing? Here in CT they sell fireworks in most stores, unlike when I lived in NYC. A couple of my neighbors set off fireworks right in the middle of the street and I don't mind one bit. Unless the rockets were landing on my roof or burning my lawn what's the problem? Your neighbor sounds like a lonely, miserable person. Don't let her poison get to you. Happy 4Th and keep the spirit!


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      Re: Happy 4th of july

      Originally posted by gigemaggs99 View Post

      What is wrong with this nation? I am the ONLY person on my entire street that puts out an AMERICAN FLAG on the 4th of July.

      Thanks for listening!
      You know whats funny, or not so...... I also am the only one with a flag on my block!!!!

      The neighbors had this bug huge party and didn't invite me !!!!

      Thanks for the thread!!

      HAPPY 4TH!!!!!


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        Re: Happy 4th of july

        In Texas and only one flag on the street? I am in California and my street had a good number of flags out. I try to have ours out everyday as long as the weather is good.

        No fireworks in my city, but I still hear them go off a couple days before and a couple days after the 4th. Them being illegal doesn't bother me though, because my dog hates the sound of them.
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          Re: Happy 4th of july

          Hey gigemaggs sorry for your misfortunes of neighbors. I applaud you for your frustrations. I feel them everyday as well. I fly my flag everyday for what is a right given to me from past, present, and future service men and women. Our society has gone completely biserk and it seems there is nothing to do about. If someone has an answer to these nuts please post it and I will pass it along to my true American friends here in Kentucky.
          Trash your neighbor,