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  • ER's

    About 12 days ago, my partner stepped backwards out of a trailer and crashed onto the ground. He was in extreme pain, which the ambulance was then called. The ambulance got there (at the delivery yard) and took him away.

    About 2 1/2 hrs later, Jerry showed back up, a taxi brought him back. He tells me that they took 3 x-rays and wrapped up his ankle with an ace bandage, gave him some Ibuprofen ans 2 days of pain killers. He has no Insurance and they didn't want him, they said his ankle was only sprained.

    So we get a hotel room, till he can recover in a few days. The next day, I had to take the wrap off, his entire ankle and half way up to his knee's were black and red. This looked bad, real bad. He tried calling them numerous time, to get back in there, which their response was, we don't see people who don't have insurance.

    I kept telling him, he needs to go anyhow and go to the ER, which they cannot turn you down, anywhere in the US, it's the law. He did make it back to the hospital 4 days later and they refused him. He's been bed ridden this entire time. He had about a dozen blood blisters also on his ankle, which usually indicates a broken bone.

    After about 6 days after the incident, he finally managed to get workers comp. everyday was a phone call to them and our company. Now Jerry isn't an employee, he leases his truck from CR England/Horizon. Which is why, this is a mess. He is starting to heal, but he still can't put any pressure on his ankle. So it looks like we could be here for a few more days, at least.

    Next story, mine......

    I had to go to the ER, for personal reason (not to be mentioned and I'm alright now), I get there around 7:00pm, the entrance room is packed. I thought, sh!t I'll be here till 3:00am. I found the receptionist and she told me to grab a seat and they will call me to do the paper work.

    1 seat available, because the dad made his little boy sit with him. I sat down and looked at this little 5yr old Mexican girl. This girl was in pain and my heart went out to her. Her right fore arm was snapped in half. The parents looked really worried and I smiled at them and tried to talk to them, but they didn't speak any English.

    Then I tried quietly talking to the little girl, she did speak english (which is how I found out that she was 5), it was hard for her to talk and cry at the same time. But I kept trying to tell her she'll get better and stronger, when the doctor fixes her. I have kids, so I told her a few jokes that I got from my kids. She tried so hard to smile, she really did, but the arm was in to much pain. 10 minutes of bonding, is a lasting impression for life.

    My name was called and I went and did the paper work, this took 10 minutes. I'm done and went back out there to find a seat, the Nurse will come and get me, when there's a doctor available. My seat was still open, so I sat down in it and wondered, why this little girl was still here.

    We talked for 5 minutes more, which I tried to cheer her up and I think the parents were really greatfull. With me chatting away, they were trying so hard to understand what I was saying, this took their minds off the injury for a while.

    After that 5 minutes, the Nurse came out to get me and said that there's a doctor available and to follow her. I stood up and pointed at the little girl and said, "what about her, she's in pain and she can have my doctor".

    Which the nurse politely tells me that they can't do that. The little girl has to wait her turn. I said "she was here before me, so I want the girl to go in my place"

    The Nurse refused me on my request and that it was I, who needed to get in there and see the doctor. Now I'm getting agitated and started to show it. Within, a couple of minutes, there were 2 more Nurses and a security guard. I'm pissed now, a scene is happening, because I want this little girl to go in my place to see the Doctor. I refused to budge on this and I was getting hot about it.

    The security guard, really didn't know what to do. He couldn't kick me out, he couldn't drag me into the doctor's room.

    Finally the doctor came into the room. He tells me, that the doctor for this little girl is too busy right now (childrens doctor), this doctor does non insurance work on kids. I said, "I really don't give a rat *** about all of this, that little girl is in great pain, for god sake, her arm is clearly snapped in half, she needs attention right now".

    I won, the doctor, got the little girl back there, which a different doctor took care of her. Then I went back there also and this doctor took care of me. He said I was a stubborn man, but admired what I did for her. I never did get to see the little girl again and I'm sure she is doing just fine right now.

    Sorry my rant was so long, but I just had to get it out. That these hospital, do what they do. I think first come first serve, unless it's much more severe. Screw the insurance stuff, they want to help only the insured people, then I say that they are in the god damn wrong fricking business. People are the same, white, black, asian, insured, not insured, one leg, two leg, I don't give a damn, we are all equal.

    I shouldn't say where I'm at, because I'm sure most hospitals do the same. But I am in CA and been stuck here for almost 2 weeks, babysitting my partner and his injury.

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    Re: ER's


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      Re: ER's

      Garager, that was a kind and brave thing you did. God Bless You!
      If your partner had a broken bone with marrow leaching into his blood he could have died. What's the answer to all this ? How can the hospitals function, pay their workers and bills, and still take care of the sick who can't pay? I don't have the answer and even though I don't understand what the government is proposing I don't think they have the answer either. Hope your partner heals up good, and hope whatever was bothering you is over. Take care.


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        Re: ER's

        I'm thinking that all government or business policies provided as a "benefit" should be outlawed.

        Everyone must shop and buy their own insurance. Seems the only way to make it have some degree of balance and self governance.

        Uninsured. I don't know. Have to go after them just like any bill I guess. The problem is that the bill can often be so high that people which would normally try to pay a bill just think-there's no way I can pay this, so why even try.

        Costs, lawsuits, understaffed, overworked AND underpaid people in the medical field. So many factors.

        You want to talk flatrate. A recent local radio broadcast discussed private ambulance transportation costs. Many people called in from many areas. The average transportation costs on their bill was about....

        $1000.00. Even if you were moved 1 mile for something non-life threatening. The ambulance companies use it as there flat bill.



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          Re: ER's

          I surely understand the meaning of running your business as a business. But when it comes to medical, this is where our country is falling apart. Is Obama new health care a good bill, there's to many flaws in it and the small businesses can get hurt and run out of business, in these trying times.

          However this is about the ER's and their medical attention. My ex works ER also, and she has told me numerous times, that the patients who cannot afford their bills or runs out without paying, the Govt. has money for Hospitals for this purpose. All they need to do, is fill out the forms and be reimbursed or it's used as a tax reduction.

          I must also add, when they refused Jerry (Hospital not the ER section) he told them, he'll pay in cash and that he had the cash on hand. They still refused his medical treatment, because they do not deal with cash. I think we all understand, that they slightly over bill, when insurance is there. To refuse such payment as cash, just blows my mind. He even showed them the money and that he wasn't lying to them.

          Also, I'm against illegal aliens in our country, because of the attention and programs that they receive from our Govt., that we pay for. Now I don't know if that couple we're illegal here and if they are, then my situation has a new profound impact on me. That little girl, needed the medical attention, and by god I demanded it, for her. Not for her parents, but for her. No child should ever suffer in pain, no matter what the damn rules are. I am a father and it's just sickening to see a child hurting. At least 50% of you, understand what I'm feeling, probably more than this figure.
          Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

          A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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            Re: ER's

            there have been security videos showing homeless dropped off in downtown skid row by ambulance and taxi still wearing hospital tags and gowns. when the video hit the news the hospitals and patients were tracked down and hospitals fined.

            by rites everyone is entitled to medical care. but usually if you're able to drive and not need an ambulance, they refer you to a free clinic or county facility.

            i know i bring in a few extra fast food tacos from del taco outside and get in real quick plus knowing some of the dr. names and asking for them is a bonus.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: ER's

              If you think the ER's are bad now, wait for national health care.