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Where your money is going

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  • Where your money is going

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    Re: Where your money is going

    The video clip explained where some of our money went, due to fraud in the savings and loan industry. This is only one facet of our crumbling economy, there was no mention of the ignorance of our part in the "global economy". A one trillion dollar trade deficit proves we are losing that much money to the rest of the world through faulty economic conduct. Where were the checks and balances to prevent such a loss? What is the government plan to plug the hole in this dyke? I'm glad the savings and loan industry has come under scrutiny, but unless we correct the trade deficit and start spending American dollars in American instead of growing the economies of communist china and the rest of the world we are not much closer to saving our country from disaster. You want to see where your money is going? Just look where your consumer goods are made, check the labels on your clothing, auto parts, electronics. Your money is paying back loans to communist china, when the hell did we the American people agree to this economic behavior?


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      Re: Where your money is going

      And every one of your tax dollars goes to the international banksters.