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WTF did he say?????

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    Re: WTF did he say?????

    Political interests are fun to watch.


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      Re: WTF did he say?????

      Originally posted by Alphacowboy View Post
      You f-ing kidding me? I'd take that idiot Colman over this clown any day!
      At least you got "that idiot Coleman" right.


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        Re: WTF did he say?????

        Originally posted by cactusman View Post
        This is all a dog and pony show interrupted by the death of Michael Jackson. I can't recall when smart people ran for public office? I suppose the smart folks know it's futile.

        I watch the various news stations and listen to their know, PHD's in economics etc. and they tell a completely different how come they can't go to Washington and tell the so called powers to be the real truth?..I guess they are not allowed on the sacred ground....

        Us white guys are simply screwed with the political correctness and reverse discrimination...
        for example.."they" have miss black USA, the TV channel BET, Black awareness month,
        NAACP, Al sharpten and Jessie Jackson!!!!! etc etc

        Can you imagine if we had White appreciation month, miss white USA, etc???

        They can keep sharpten and Jackson..they in their own rights are the biggest racists

        My "white" wife was born in South Africa! She is an American she an African American? NO she's simply an American Citizen. A black born in Detroit MI in 1978 he an "African American"???? NO he's an American Citizen who happens to have black skin!

        Enough milking of the slavery crap it's over, get over it, let's move on...or are we going to give New Orleans back to the French?????? Many cultures have been messed up over the decades....but they move on and stop living in the past. ..Now I'm not saying forget your own culture, I'm saying don't rub it in others faces. Many Italians find the god-father awful...others did not...but there are no riots, they moved on etc etc

        A Korean that came from Korea and has become an American he a Korean American? NO he's simply an American citizen, and very proud of it.

        Let's put things back into some sort of reasonable order please.....If you can't reach the top shelf "you are short" not vertically challenged! On the other hand if you are short and you can reach the top shelf, You're arms are way too long and you're a freak!

        Cactus Man
        Good post but where did that come from? How did we go from Perry Mason to racism?
        Buy cheap, buy twice.