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Goodbye Walter Cronkite RIP

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  • Goodbye Walter Cronkite RIP

    Today at 7:42pm at his Manhattan, NY home Walter Cronkite passed away. He was 92 and was one of the most highly respected news anchors in the USA.

    NEW YORK (July 17, 2009) -- Walter Cronkite, the premier TV anchorman of the networks' golden age who reported a tumultuous time with reassuring authority and came to be called "the most trusted man in America," died Friday. He was 92. Cronkite's longtime chief of staff, Marlene Adler, said Cronkite died at 7:42 p.m. at his Manhattan home surrounded by family. She said the cause of death was cerebral vascular disease.

    For more info you might want to look here.
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    Re: Goodbye Walter Cronkite RIP

    I nominated this Thread because giving recongnition to a man such as Walter Cronkite deserves praise in of itself. Many of the younger folks on the Forum might have heard his name or distinctive voice in passing but for those of us who listened to him nightly for years, we have lost a bit of our personal history. He was well spoken, well mannered, serious and light hearted, a person who came into our homes and brought us the world. RIP.


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      Re: Goodbye Walter Cronkite RIP

      America lost a great man for sure. Not only for the integrity of his news broadcast and journalistic expertice, but also for bringing so many of us a close and personal profile of our history.

      As a younger man, his coverage of the war effort in WWII was right up there with the best correspondants of the time. During the 50's I remember well the many Sunday afternoons watching "You Are There", "The 20th Century", and "Air Power". The latter being my very favorite.

      His news coverage of such events as the Kennedy assasination, Watergate, and the Vietnam war was superb and certainly set a measure that is only dreamed of by today's news broadcasters.

      On a personal note, I fondly remember being the father a two year old who totally loved Walter Cronkite! No matter what he was doing or how he was behaving, when Cronkite came on, our Jason was simply mezmerized. Nothing else on television (or in our house, for that matter) got and held his attention like Walter Cronkite. When the news was over he'd go back to whatever he was doing, but during that News broadcast, he sat fixed and silent in front of the television.

      I guess a lot of America was like that too, I know I was.



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        Re: Goodbye Walter Cronkite RIP

        Please watch this good video about him.
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