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How to contact your Senators and Representatives

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  • How to contact your Senators and Representatives

    Ok... you can take a breath... I am not going to start a political firestorm here and I am not even going to voice an opinion one way or there other on current issues. I just simply want to encourage you to take action.

    Now is more important than ever for your senators and representatives to know how you feel about current issues and the huge decisions being made. Please take the time to make sure you practice your right to make your voice heard.

    Write your senators and reps or give them a call. Be polite and civil in your communications. Writing or calling isn't not hard to do but its extremely important.

    To find out who your Senators are visit this site...

    To find out who your representative is visit this site...

    We live in a great country. Make sure you participate in shaping it's future. You can make a difference.


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    Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

    Good Idea,

    I was actually thinking of building a website with contact info and spots so people could rate them leave comments and posts, "real time info ... ( Non main stream)

    I own a domain called ( not developed yet)

    This thread tells me that my idea was probably a good one and I should do it.

    Either way, That' was my idea and Thanks for this thread,

    I think personally that "The Hill" is way out of touch with real folks.

    Did anyone just see how the stimulus is being spent?

    5 million for gov just one way to "jump start" the economy they say..... ( this is true)


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      Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

      Josh, thanks for posting this information and making it easier for everyone to take action. I just have one comment to make and I don't think it shows me taking sides either, not that folks don't feel strongly on these issues. I just want my representatives in Washington to know that while I understand the importance of healthcare reform and other pressing issues, first and foremost I want our President and legislators to rescue our economy from it's current course.


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        Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

        This is what I sent to both my Senators. I just don't think any of them "Get IT", How can they put anything above the loss of jobs, dollars and the security of our economy?
        Dear Sen. Lieberman,
        While I understand the need for healthcare reform and other things on the President's agenda, I urge you to make our economy and employment the highest priority. While we are awaiting decisions on healthcare, we lose more and more American dollars to communist china and other countries for our consumer goods. We lose more and more American jobs to cheap labor that we pay for with growing unemployment and a failing economy. This must stop if we are to save America. Please do not give healthcare such attention and urgency when our economy and way of life are at risk and declining. Thank you. Sincerely,


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          Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

          I've got it covered as both of my Senators are clowns I keep in my book and my Congressman is a 35-year long personal friend.

          "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

          I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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            Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



            1/20/2017 - The Beginning of a new Error


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              Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

              Great site Bob. Thats one of the biggest issues with legislation. There is so much that goes through without anyone being aware of it. Very hard to track until some day later you find out the rules have changed.

              Originally posted by Bob D. View Post


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                Re: How to contact your Senators and Representatives

                Yeah, it works. I was involved in the anti-illegal alien and Tea Party protests. Both protests stopped legislation cold.

                Writing and calling is one thing, but getting out in the street scares the heck out of the feds. The anti-illegal protests went on for months and got very up-close and personal. Americans have free speech, but the opposition does, too.
                (The Low Spark of Steel-Toed Boys)