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Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

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  • Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

    Do you wonder why we have not been able to get get real change in Health Care in the past?

    If someone was shoveling $3,300,000 a week at you through various lobbyist, how engaged would you be in affecting change if you worked in DC?

    In April, May, and June, the three months when health care reform has been so actively talked about by Congress, approximately $40 MILLION has been spent by PhRMA, the trade group that represents the 32 biggest drug manufacturers, and the individual companies themselves lobbying Congress. If they can afford to spend that much money to ensure they get their way in Health Care Reform, how much do they stand to gain? That's $40M over 12 weeks.

    The lobby is so powerful, that they kept any control over drug prices out of the Medicare plan reforms brought about years ago, AND that there would be no allowance of discounted import drugs or drug cost controls under the current reform proposal.

    Read it and write you representatives and let them know how you feel.

    Go to and see how your elected representatives are voting (or not) on the issues, then write and let them know you are watching and if you approve or disapprove of their performance.
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    Re: Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

    I just puked on my couch, my bedspread AND my keyboard after reading this.
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      Re: Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

      I have never really understood how lobbying was legal. Sounds an awful lot like a bribe to me. I guess when your the ones making the laws, you can make sure that their are plenty of loopholes to get your $3,300,000 through.


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        Re: Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

        Congress has no incentive to shut off the gravy train represented by the lobbyists. A few years ago while in DC is asked a cab driver how business was. He said it was slow because congress was in recess. When I mentioned that congress was only 500 plus people and their staffs, he said it was slow because the lobbyists leave town when congress is not in session.


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          Re: Could I Get Your Attention with $3,300,000/WEEK??

          To hell with healthcare, I want the job that puts me on the receiving end of that money! That, my friends is the very definition of a good job:

          Senator: "What do I do? I have a job so awesome, that the insurance companies pay ME a monthly premium!"