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Hot & cold pressure differences

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  • Hot & cold pressure differences

    Had a Wochester 530i combi condensor boiler fitted. The pressure on the kitchen hot tap is ok- and upstairs (in fact probably too much as it just blasts out, don't have enough control to do a trickle- but the taps are quite old and have just bought whole new tap suite) but upstairs it takes a while filling the bath up. The amount of water coming out from the hot tap is a bit lower than it was with the hot cylinder system. The dial on the boiler is hovering at 1, sometimes dips under sometimes over. The boiler is on the ground floor, and the bathroom is on the 1st floor. Hot water cylinder was on the 1st floor.

    Would a hot water pump help things? I'll be looking into a thermostatic shower, so would a pump before the bath tap & shower increase the pressure, or can only the boiler output hot water at the amount of hot water it can produce on demand?