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    Today I went to the local diner that I like for breakfast. An older man walked in and told the waitress that today
    he was R O M E O and she thought he was kidding around and meant that he was Romeo. Then he said, not
    Romeo but rather R O M E O. She tried but couldn't get it. R O M E O = Retired old man eating out /
    Retired old man eats omelet ... Once she got the joke everyone had a good laugh.

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    Re: Diner Fun Talk

    Woussko, How about going back to posting babe videos! We're getting worried about you now.
    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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      Re: Diner Fun Talk

      Here is what I had today for breakfast.

      I would like an older of "slop on rocks" and some "rock salt in a bowl". Can any of you figure that one out? Now that is very well known around here in diner type restaurants. By the way to wash it down I had a mug of "fresh brew straight up" and no it's not beer.