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  • what is our world coming to

    how can this happen?

    who would do something like this, how can a MOTHER be so careless,

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    Re: what is our world coming to

    The husband has requested a second autopsy because he feels the accident was a diabetic episode and not a drunk driving accident. She had THC in her blood and was over twice the legal limit for DUI.

    What a horrible thing to happen and so senseless.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

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      Re: what is our world coming to

      I have never heard of an accident so bad in my entire life, and if this thing could have been prevented by the woman, such a shame, she took 7 lives directly and ruined countless others!


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        Re: what is our world coming to

        If the autopsy and toxicology were accurate and I hope they were, then I doubt the husband was unaware of her heavy drinking even before she got behind the wheel. We usually hear of men driving drunk and killing others, we assume women driving children are above that behavior but they're not. I've been watching "Shark Week" on the discovery channel and ever since I saw the movie Jaws I've been cautious of the waters, but according to staistics something like one hundred and fifty people a year die from shark bites! I should be more scared to get behind the wheel of my car for the realistic fear that some drunken and high on drugs soccer Mom will take me out. Try not to have the attitude that things are getting worse, people have been drinking, driving and killing others for many years. There is more public awareness now, much more police activity to catch and prosecute such drivers and tougher laws to punish. Things are getting better, the world is getting better, but it's still heartbreaking at times.