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Bug ridden help at all

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  • Bug ridden help at all

    I have spent 2 hours trying to find pertinent information on one of my Ridgid tools. The illustrations are so tiny nothing can be discerned with any certainty. The parts numbers are not accompanied by a description. I tried to sign in and was denied...I sent an e-mail and the link opened and did not allow me in again. I was sent an e-mail to change my password, I changed the password only to be told "that e-mail is already in use" This site is full of glitches, bugs and frustrations...any suggestions? Obviously you cannot contact a human being here. I am looking for a new hook and eye pad for my r2600 5" orbital sander...the only illustration...tiny tiny tiny...shows 5 barely discderable objects that could be the pad. My machine has a pad and nothing like the illustration's plethora of 5" discs one on top of the other ad infinetum. Lots of circular logic in their software...can someone for ward this post to a human being?

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    Re: Bug ridden help at all

    parts list,

    If you have the Adobe Reader you should have two symbols in the menu bar, a "+" and a "-" and that will blow up the picture and reduce it,

    there should also be a box next to the symbols that one can click on and chose the level of zoom,

    here is the owner manual

    I think I have posted the correct tool
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Bug ridden help at all

      Is this the part you are looking for?
      It just might also be stocked at Home Depot,
      I vaguely remember seeing it there

      39 590936001
      40 660369001
      41 300527002
      42 660011003
      43 900483007
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