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  • Ex-Smokers

    To all the ex-smokers,for me it was two years on the 8th of aug 09.

    Pat your selfs on the back,and type it out ,let the forum know.

    Just might someone from backsliding.
    Kenneth Collier
    Maintenance and Sewer

    P.O. Box 9441
    Jackson, MS 39206
    (601) 613-2678 (Cell)

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    Re: Ex-Smokers

    2 years on 01.01.2010

    Have smoked 1 cigarette every 2-3 months and it tastes horibble.



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      Re: Ex-Smokers

      Still smoking for 14yrs I have tried to stop many times But hey someone has to help pay for schip and you know their will be no bailout for the tobacco farmers.


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        Re: Ex-Smokers

        Nov 11, 2003
        Can't stand the smell of cigs or the stink of the people that come in after their smoke break. Can not believe I smelled like that!


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          Re: Ex-Smokers

          12 years on December 31.

          I went cold turkey and had a really bad withdrawal. So bad, I never want to do it again.
          (The Low Spark of Steel-Toed Boys)


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            Re: Ex-Smokers

            September 1st it will be 22-years but who's counting.

            "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

            I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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              Re: Ex-Smokers

              It's over 5 years for me ;-)

              BTW Congrats OP and everyone else.

              I am mad I don't get to smoke anymore, not for the taste, But I wanted to pay $5+ a pack in taxes


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                Re: Ex-Smokers

                I smoked my last cigarette and had my last alcoholic beverage on 09/26/99, and people wonder why I get grumpy sometimes.
                Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                  Re: Ex-Smokers

                  it is 20 yrs for me I went cold turkey and never wanted to start smoking from that day on
                  and i thought they cost a lot then

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                  new work pictures 12/09


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                    Re: Ex-Smokers

                    April 30 2009 when I came back from Africa.
                    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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                      Re: Ex-Smokers

                      Feb. 5th was my 2 year mark. Only smoked for 38 years. Chantix made it easy!
                      info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                        Re: Ex-Smokers

                        Gave up smoking in 1992 after my mother died without her legs from smoking.



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                          Re: Ex-Smokers

                          Congrats on staying clean for 2 years now. Both of my parents were smokers but it never has appealed to me. 49 years and haven't started yet. One of the lucky ones I guess.


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                            Re: Ex-Smokers

                            A few lines I like to tell to my co-workers that smoke that usually gets a smile:

                            "Do whatever you want to your lungs, you gotten those for free. It's the replacements that cost you."

                            "Smoking is bad for the wallet you know."

                            Or when someone asks me for a smoke,

                            "Smoking's an expensive habit, one I'll start when I'm more rich than I am now."


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                              Re: Ex-Smokers

                              i envy you guys!! i wonder when i could call my self an "ex-smoker", jesus..