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Much less of Woussko for now

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  • Much less of Woussko for now

    Things are pretty crazy around here for now and I'm not going to be able to get on the forum. If anyone wants to contact me about something please feel free to send a PM my way. I'm not sure when I'll be able to check them however. Please let it be known that I'm not upset with anyone and am must super busy. I'll try to check in now and then. Have a good summer and do watch out as Mother Nature is throwing temper fits more and more in the Mid Atlantic area.

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    Re: Much less of Woussko for now

    hope what ever your working on comes out for the better, and we will miss your Howling, you take care.
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      Re: Much less of Woussko for now

      Super busy?
      It should only take a week or so to rethatch the Woussko hut
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        Re: Much less of Woussko for now

        Wow, you were only 14 minutes short of making it a full 24-hours.

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          Re: Much less of Woussko for now

          Hey there you ol' hound,

          Try not to be too busy... ya gotta stop and smell the roses occasionally. Then again, maybe that's what you're busy doing! Of course you're probably just working your butt off, the I'd like to think you're just out there having some fun.

          Take care and we'll look forward to hearing your howlin' again soon,



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            Re: Much less of Woussko for now

            To everyone let's just say I'm sort of on a nice treasure hunt. Later on I'll be posting some very cool pictures on here of some of my wild finds. Take care and I hope Mama Nature is gentle to you. Here all over the Mid Atlantic she has really been throwing some nasty temper tantrums over and over. Maybe that's a hint?