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  • A few questions

    1) I'm replaceing the old worn paint on my bathroom counter. I've alreadry removed the paint on the counter. Now My plan is to use normal left over room paint and let it dry, then put some sort of water-proof, scratch proof clear coat on top. What clear coat/ clear enamal do you suggest?

    2) I'm repairing the worn board between my house and the cellars back yard entrence. I'm going to fill it with insulation. What R value do you suggest? Also, is their such a thing as indoor/ outdoor insulation?

    3)What is the best and cheapest water proof wood sealer?

    I'm hopeing to get everything from my local lowes.
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    Re: A few questions

    1, I would look into using melamine paint instead of regular paint and be done with it. If you want to use paint make sure the coating you choose is compatible with the type of base coat paint that you have. You can use a polyurethane sealer meant for boats (spar urethane comes to mind)

    2, R value depends on cavity depth. 2X4 = R12 2X6 = R 20

    3, Best and cheapest are mutually exclusive terms, what type of wood are you trying to seal?


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      Re: A few questions

      Sweet info. Thanks!

      I'm trying to stain and seal up some left over particle board. It's very strong particle board I might add. I made a 5 ft span and walked and jumped on it with no breaks at all. So it should hold up if anyone is going to walk on it.