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  • Thank you, Senior members!

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the people that are regulars on here. You guys (and a few gals too) have provided me with lots more plumbing knowledge, general information (especially about the states) and great entertainment. There are way too many people to list right now but here are a few I can think of:
    -Plumber Rick (and MrsSeatDown too)
    -HVAC Hawk
    -Gear Junkie
    -JC's Plumbing
    -Hebert Drain care
    -Plumbdog10 (RIP, you will be missed)
    -Bob D.
    -Any of the canadian plumbers, (bigpipe09, VinceThePlumber (again) shock1964, Scott K)
    -Anyone who has thanked any of my few posts.
    -Josh and other Ridgid workers.
    -Other fellow canadians and people I haven't mentioned.

    I know this list could go on forever but these are people I can really think of off the top of my head. You guys really make this forum an awesome place to come and kill time, and I sure hope you guys stay on here and keep on posting your informative (and funny) posts. Big apologies to anyone I may have spelled incorrectly. (I'm sure I've missed people because I kept making the list longer as I wrote this paragraph.) As long as I don't get too busy with work which seems likely in this economy I will be on here for quite some time!

    -Enjoy the round up!