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    This is totally unrelated to anything on this forum, but some of you (the insanely geeky types of which I have been accused of being at times) may find it interesting.

    I talked to Inxight Software a few years ago and was contemplating purchasing a copy of StarTree to use on a project I was working on.

    The software was expensive (many $K) so I passed. It's not that it is not worth the price but the budget and size of my project could not underwrite the purchase of the software. If I did have the software to use it would have made all the difference in the project's end product. It looks like SAP might have acquired them or is working with them now. I can see a nice fit with SAP for a number of uses.

    In the example at the link above, data from the USDA has been mapped in a way that I doubt you have seen before. BHD and others may find the data presented there interesting. You need to enable pop-ups for the site to make it work.
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