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Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

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  • Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

    rookie plumber also known as "my buddy steve" comes out of hiding to clean up at the roundup

    steve who has been on the forum for around a year is no rookie to plumbing. steve recently retired from his 30+ year career as a plumbing contractor, running a very successful and admired service and repair shop in the los angeles area of town. steve and his wife/ business partner susan having worked 7 days a week for over 30 years recently retired.

    steve and susan have also been my great friend for well over 10 years. steve did exactly what i was worried about. he showed up and got down to business. taking home first place in 3 events and overall winner of the roundup

    the events he dominated were,

    "roundup cornhole" also known as bean bag toss in our neck of the woods

    "micro drain inspection" had to push a microdrain through a toilet and into the pipe to dead end and i.d. a random block alphabet letter. then immediately move over to the sink drain, past the trap and into the pipe and do the same.

    but the one event that took me and charlie/ hvac hawk was the "pipe threading" contest. having to hand cut, ream and thread a piece of 1'' black steel pipe.

    steve being half the size of charlie and a good 40# lighter than me
    managed to out power both of us

    so in the end steve toppled me and will be the one i'm gunning for at the next roundup.

    congratulations to "my buddy steve"

    a thanks goes out to all other participants that came out to play.

    and lets not forget the organizers and sponsors of this event and the forum. ridgid tools

    see you at the next one


    pictures and possibly video to come
    phoebe it is

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    Re: Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

    Congrats Rookie Plumber!!

    I just have to say I am so glad I cam to the round up and it has been a pleasure to have meet everyone that has came to the roundup. Oh and here is a picture of Rick when he found out his friend Rookie Plumber won 3 of the events.

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      Re: Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

      Oh how the mighty have fallen.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

        Honestly, good to see you take defeat gracefully.



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          Re: Rookie plumber reins over the roundup

          yup, he ran away with it.

          must have been the shoes.