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    Re: Cigar

    It came out nicely. I'm glad everyone liked it. Again, I wish that I could take all of the credit, but it was good fun to work out a nice little blended recipe.


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      Re: Cigar

      Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
      You guys had cubans at the roundup!!! Keeping twisting it in just to remind me that I should've came. My personal favorite cigar is a Sosa #2. The quality of cubans went down since Castro bumped up production.
      Well, Sosas aren't Cuban, but they could be good. The only non-Cuban cigars that I really like are the Padron Serie 1926 line, in maduro - beautiful cigars.

      But with Cuban cigars, things have improved a lot since the early Nineties - pretty much most blends since 2002 or 2003 have been spot on. My personal humidor is always seeming to be growing. Castro himself never really bumped up production - it was Cubatabaco in '92 or '93 that tried to amp things up, and it failed miserably. I got into smoking cigars in '98-'99 when I was working for an ad-firm Exec in Toronto - he was big time into them, and I was an impressionable 20-year-old. Right around that time, things started to get better with the cigars, so he schooled me. I have smoked some of the early 90's cigars, and there is a noticeable improvement. Some of those 90's boxes had as many as 1-out-of-5 that were absolutely not smokable, due to plugs from bad rolls, etc. That's unheard of among premium blends. Now, you've got a bad box if you have more than 1 out of the 25 that you have in the average box. Aging, fermentation, quality, and all other aspects that make a great Cuban a great Cuban have definitely improved further just in the last few years. I average about 25 to 40 a year - so, not a huge amount, but I know what I'm doing. My personal humidor has about 22 or 23 boxes right now, with some common classics (Montecristo #4, Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 tubos, Cohiba Robustos, Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills, Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedros, Partagas Serie D No. 4, etc.) and some great Limited Edition specials (Cuaba Piramides EL 2008, Montecristo Sublimes LE, Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos, Trinidad Ingenios EL, etc.).

      And all are a treat to smoke.
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        Re: Cigar

        Originally posted by canucksartech View Post
        Next time, I'll bring some venison pepperettes.
        Just don't forget to pack Erin and Mason!
        I love my plumber

        "My Hero"

        Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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          Re: Cigar

          (Montecristo #4, Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 tubos, Cohiba Robustos, Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills, Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedros, Partagas Serie D No. 4, etc.) and some great Limited Edition specials (Cuaba Piramides EL 2008, Montecristo Sublimes LE, Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos, Trinidad Ingenios EL, etc.).
          Great collection, I have many of the same, I think I am right where you are as a medium to mild flavor.


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            Re: Cigar

            Originally posted by DanLawrence View Post
            Great collection, I have many of the same, I think I am right where you are as a medium to mild flavor.
            I think I'm more of a medium to slightly-full flavour-profile fan. A lot of people make the mistake of saying they want/like "strong" cigars. The only problem with that is that strong can sometimes be excessively overpowering, and overpowering strength can sometimes negate a nice flavour. Strength doesn't necessarily mean good flavour, and vice versa.

            The lighter/milder ones in there (R&J tubos and Coronitas, Monte #4's, etc.) are more what some call "giveaway" cigars. I don't like that saying so much, in that it sounds bad/rude - like you're dumping your lesser cigars off on unsuspecting friends. What I like to say is that these are the milder cigars, to give to friends who are less experienced with cigars, and want flavour but not strength. These cigars are in no way "cheap" cigars, however they are some of the more inexpensive of the Cuban cigars, although not the cheapest that you can buy - they still cost $8 to $14 per stick, relatively. The nice thing about these is that they are smaller and shorter to smoke (40-44 ring gauge, about 4" long, and take about 30 minutes, give or take, to smoke), so they are nicer to share with a friend who "just wants a puff" and may not want to invest a whole evening smoking a cigar. I love these cigars, and will smoke them frequently myself - I wouldn't give something away that I myself wouldn't smoke. They're just nice to use to introduce Cubans to a friend, and the flavour profile isn't overly confusing.

            My personal faves are just about all Robustos (Cohiba Robustos, R&J Short Churchills, Partagas D4's, etc.), and the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos' have made a huge impression on me also - those are great tasting little powerhouses! My indulgences are the various Edicion Limitadas - while they are very expensive (usually $30 to $50 per cigar at my cost from where I get them, versus around $100 or more per stick at retail), they are also flavour intensive cigars, and they force you to take the time and relax to enjoy them. I don't really "invest" in cigars (although the contents of my humidor might say otherwise) - I simply store them and age them for the benefit of my enjoyment down the road.

            I'm actually in the process of custom building a larger cabinet humidor for these. I have a black w/ glass desktop humidor that stores 140 loose cigars, but that was pretty much overcapacity from the day I bought it 4 years ago. For the last year to year-and-a-half, I've been using a huge 96 gallon cooler for storage of my full boxes. And that thing's full (to my wife's dismay)!


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              Re: Cigar

              I enjoy the occasional cigar it's relaxing. As you pointed out it's very expensive so I have inlaws that live in AZ close to the Mexico border and they drive over three hundred miles a few times a year to different cities and when they do I have they pick me up a couple of box's of certain brands that I want to try or like and they ship them to me. The place they purchase them from is credible since there are a lot of fakes out there that was important to me. I save 75% on the cost of my cigars by doing that, not that I am cheap but I just can't afford the cost of a box for several hundred dollars. When I want a certain cigar I will go down to my local cigar shop and lounge with one of the guys from the office. He has been teaching me about cigars and has a huge collection. He will usually give me one to try out and if I like it enough I will buy a box or two. It's funny because I seem to give more away then I smoke to my frinends and family. I think part of the enjoyment of a good cigar is sharing it with others.


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                Re: Cigar

                Agreed - the best part of a cigar is the sharing of some simple, sit-down-and-chat time with some good friends. That, and enjoying it with a nice dark rum. Mmmmmm.

                On a side note, I'd be careful who you let know how you get your cigars - don't forget, you do live in a country where they're illegal, however you get them, or however little money you spend on them.

                For curiosity's sake, here's what I have right now:
                • Cohiba Robustos (full box of 25)
                • Partagas Serie D No. 4's (11 left from a box of 25)
                • Partagas Serie P No. 2's (full box of 10, minus one or two)
                • Montecristo #4's (1 & 1/2 boxes of 25)
                • Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro (1 & 1/4 boxes of 25)
                • Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 tubos (1 & 1/2 boxes of 25)
                • Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos (full box of 25, minus 1 cigar)
                • Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos (2 left out of a box of 10)
                • H. Upmann Magnum 46 (a 15 box [five 3-packs], with one 3-pack gone)
                • Cohiba Club (1 & 1/2 20-packs)
                • Cuaba Piramides Edicion Limitada 2008 (8 left from a LE 10-box)
                • Trinidad Ingenios Edicion Limitada 2007 (7 left from a LE 10-box)
                • Montecristo Sublimes Edicion Limitada 2008 (9 left from a LE 10-box)
                • Montecristo Tubos [basically, the Monte #3 in a tube] (2 of the 3-packs)
                • Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (three 3-packs)
                • La Flor de Cano Preferidos (5-pack)
                • Then, a miscellaneous assortment of about 60-70 other cigars, including a mix of:
                  • Cohiba Panetelas
                  • Cohiba Siglo VI tubos
                  • H. Upmann churchills (Monarchs?)
                  • R&J Churchills in tubes (4 or 5 of those)
                  • Montecristo #3's, #4's, #2's
                  • Partagas de Luxe
                  • Punch Punch
                  • Padron 1926 Serie #9's, #6's, #35's
                  • Padron 1964 Anniversary Series maduro and naturals (#2's, I believe)
                  • R&J Hermosos No. 2
                  • Bolivar Simones
                  • Fonseca Delicias
                  • Hoyo de Monteray Coronation's
                  • Diplomaticos No. 2's and 4's
                I'm actually trying to get ahold of a box of Cohiba Piramides LE (they were from 2005 or 2006, I think - can't remember off the top of my head), and some Partagas D4's Reservas (from 2004?) - they were another alternate limited make, and were amazing, with some maduro leaves to them.

                Yup, I'm a Cuban who-oooore. I have no idea what's invested in this right now - all I know is that I keep a running list, and update it every so often with my insurance agent, so that if there's any issues (fire, theft, etc.), then I'm covered.

                And, thankfully, none of you have my home address, so I'm good. I also have the best security system that ADT and Remington can provide, so don't even think of it!
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