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My apologies to Ridgid Tool

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  • My apologies to Ridgid Tool

    For those who commited to coming to the Roundup and did not show. I can understand a few not showing as things do come up, but to see all the unclaimed tote bags lined up on the floor was sad, I was looking forward to meeting all of these people. It was obvious the time and trouble Ridgid went to set this up. They spoiled those of us that came. This was my vacation this year, sacrifices were made and there are no regrets. I limped into my hotel room every night from too much activities, and wouldn't have missed a minute of it, and I wouldn't miss the next one for anything. Thanks Ridgid for a great time.....RIDGID ROCKS....
    The Other Rick

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    Re: My apologies to Ridgid Tool

    I agree Rick , you said it best - the other-other Rick