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Need a Favor - Pool service related

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  • Need a Favor - Pool service related

    Do any of you guys have a contact in the pool service industry that might be willing to let me pick their brain? Some of you suggested that the microDrain may be a good fit for inspecting pool lines so I wanted to check into it.

    If you do have a buddy that works in the industry that would be willing to talk to me could you let me know through a PM. Also... letting them know I may be contacting them would help too

    Thanks guys and gals,


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    Re: Need a Favor - Pool service related

    That's me,

    I have been working on swimming pools for over 17 years.

    I just bought a seesnake micro because I was going to start making videos with it for pool repairs.

    There are a lot of other things it can be used for in the pool area as well.

    Feel free to contact me, I was actually going to talk to you about this at the round up but I was unable to make it.

    Feel free to pm me or call me anytime,

    I will PM you my phone number,



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      Re: Need a Favor - Pool service related

      i'm working with a pool company using a See Snake Compact Color for rerturns and main drains. their geneye is down. again.

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!