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  • What Is This Music?

    Do any of you recognize this beautiful piece of music? If yes, can you tell me about it?
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    Re: What Is This Music?

    don't recognize it... certainly recent, not a classical composer, sounds like movie music, the horns at the end of the piece make me suspect a snippet from a recent 007 film.
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      Re: What Is This Music?

      It is from the James Bond movie "From Russia with Love".

      It may be a new version as It doesn't sound to me to be from the original movie soundtrack.


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        Re: What Is This Music?

        As previously mentioned, it is the theme from the movie "From Russia with Love". It's played a bit slower than the theme music though and sounds a bit more "orchestral" (sp?)

        Here a link to the YouTube posted opening theme, with lyrics:

        Doing a quick search on "" (askjeeves) I see there is a rendition from a band called "Moscow Nights" that was copyright 2000, well after the movie which was done in 1973 (the 2nd of the Bond series, after "Dr. No". So I have no idea what that sounds like.

        This link has the lyrics on the Universal Studio website:

        From what I can gather within a few minutes, John Barry was the primary soundtrack composer and the theme song, "From Russia with Love", was composed by Lionel Bart of Oliver! fame.

        Here's the Wikipedia on Lionel Bart:

        Bottom line is, I have no idea whose rendition your particular post may be.



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          Re: What Is This Music?

          Well those of you that did reply have it correct. It is the theme from the James Bond movie "From Russia With Love". This was James Bond movie #2 which came out back in 1963 and is considered one of the very best of the James Bond movies

          Here is some more info about the movie.

          The version you heard which I'm working on to boost quality some and will re-upload soon is The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra under directorship of Erich Kunzel.

          If you can find this very special recording TELARC DIGITAL - CD 80401 it is the audio file's delight. The whole CD is of the Cincinnati Pops and is some of their best work ever. TELARC held back nothing and there are some totally gut busting parts that will about destroy your stereo system if you aren't very careful. All filters and peak limiters were OFF. The dynamics go from below human hearing to BLAST THE ROOF off. Using a special movie sound generator there's 5 Hertz power amplifier and sub-woofer destruction stuff. This isn't in the track here, but it's on the CD. You need a super good CD deck and digital - analog converter. If you are into audio in a big way, I recommend checking out a Rotel RCD-1520 for home use. I might add that besides the wild dynamic range this CD and especially the masters are ultra clean and clear.

          Telarc International Corporation
          Cleveland, Ohio

          I bet the good people at Ridge Tool Co. headquarters know of them. I'm sure many have heard live concerts of The Cleveland Symphony and the Cincinnati Pops.

          For years I've been upset that The National Symphony here in Washington, DC just isn't all that great. Here we are the #1 city in the USA and we really don't have things as they should be. This is why I tell people that you need to take in all of the USA in order to get the total picture. All meaning ALL. In my home state of Maryland there are several states if you ask me. (A) The big mess in the Baltimore-Washington region. (B) Another part with different living down in the southern parts. (C) Totally another on the eastern side of the Chesapeake bay and (D) If you go out into the real western part of Maryland you really think you are over in West VA or Pennsylvania. The natural beauty is so much better and so are the way people live. It's wild how one can walk from MD to VA to WV and PA all in one day easy. This all comes about near the western part of Washington County where Hagerstown if their main city.

          Please do expect more interesting musical uploads on this thread soon.

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            Re: What Is This Music?

            UPDATE: I keep running into file size limits for MP3 files that can be uploaded to the forum. If I use low audio quality there's no problem, but if I want good sound, then the files end up too big for on here. GRRRRRRR


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              Re: What Is This Music?

              Originally posted by Woussko View Post
              Here we are the #1 city in the USA

              UMMMM...Excuse me?
              Apparently you've never been to Pittsfield, Me.

              We have:

              2 stop lights
              our own highway exit
              a park
              cable TV (in most parts)
              and the annual Pittsfield Egg festival

              And your going to try to claim #1 city??? Oh, I don't think so.

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                Re: What Is This Music?

                Now we hone in on your location, Mid-Atlantic to D.C

                Howl at those congressmen and congresswomen will ya. Put the fear into them.


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                  Re: What Is This Music?


                  Your area is what I dream about for where to live later on. I really can't stand big city life. It's what makes me howl so much.


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                    Re: What Is This Music?

                    Here is another one for you, only this time I'll be nice and just tell what it is.

                    The Water Is Wide

                    First off this is the kind of music people over in Scotland send to us here in the USA. This is by the Killroys where John and Patti come over from Scotland and had a daughter here in the USA named Katie. All three sing and play various musical instruments. I do have to say that Patti (mom) has the super voice, but John (dad) does well. Katie only sings backup for now.
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