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Boots on USA soil

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  • Boots on USA soil

    My Son just arrived back on USA soil after a 12 month deployment in Iraq.
    Army Infantry based at Fort Riley Kansas. I'm thankful for the excellent training the Army put him through, weekly conversations while he trained and while he was deployed I could tell it was sinking in. Some of the situations he was involved in just reinforced my confidence in his training. Pretty frustrating on my end listening to the politically correct rules of engagement that the soldiers have to follow, but they follow orders. Army was the best thing for my son, he has really matured and grown.

    He will be discharged in December, is already enrolled at Kansas State ( no spots open in utility lineman school ) Army pays him for 3 years to go to school and he plans on taking advantage of his benefits.

    Wecome home son, Spc. Bryce W. Carlson

    wookie ( PROUD ARMY DAD )

    God Bless America

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    Re: Boots on USA soil

    Thank you to your Son's service to our Country and congratulations to you on his safe return. I worked as a Telco Lineman for many years but I was not in the service. Most of my fellow Linemen were in the service and they were better for the experience, not only in dealing with the job but in life. There were a few exceptions, some situations take a terrible toll on the mind and body, but for the most part they were great guys to be around.


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      Re: Boots on USA soil

      Thank you for your son's service. We have a son at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas we are planning on visiting in January.

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        Re: Boots on USA soil

        Thank you Spc. Bryce W. Carlson for serving! Thank you Wookie for being a supportive and proud father. I can't imagine what it is like to see a son go to war.

        Dan Lawrence


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          Re: Boots on USA soil

          I know how great you and your family must feel having your son back in the USA.

          I thank him for his loyal service and thank all of your family for the sacrifice that they have made with the many concerns and worrys of having your son so far from home in service to his country.

          May God bless you all,



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            Re: Boots on USA soil



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              Re: Boots on USA soil

              I too wish to thank for his service to our country.
              And best if luck in the future.

              And thanks too should go to wookie, his father, for bringing him up right.
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                Re: Boots on USA soil

                Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
                And thanks too should go to wookie, his father, for bringing him up right.
                I second that!!!

                Thank-You Spc. Bryce W. Carlson for your service to me, my family, and our Country.
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                  Re: Boots on USA soil

                  thank you Spc. Bryce W. Carlson for serving for your time to keef me ,my family and friends safe

                  good luck with you new adventure

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                    Re: Boots on USA soil

                    Thank you Spc.Carlson.
                    Freedom is not free.
                    You payed a toll for many.Here and abroad.

                    Congratulations Wookie.
                    You have plenty to be proud of.


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                      Re: Boots on USA soil

                      Thank you Spc. Bryce W. Carlson for serving and keeping us safe
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