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Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

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    Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?
    1. K-500 ( old upright sectional rodder)
    2. K-50 ( sectionals and two drums)
    3. K-39
    4. K-1000
    5. SeeSnake Camera systems.
    6. K-1500 low boy (awesome for them crawl spaces)
    7. SF-2500 Pipe Freezer ( do not use to often but has bailed me out many of times)
    8. K-6 auger
    9. K-750
    10. Model 600 threader
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      Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

      I will have to say my 300's, they are the work horse in my trade.

      Well it could be the wrenches, or nipple chuck, or roll groovers, or 535, or the 700, or four wheeled cutters, or....................

      Well heck it's all good stuff!



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        Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

        I like the shop vac I bought my dad that I'm absolutely not allowed to use.

        As long as it works and I don't touch it, I can't get blamed for it when it breaks.

        As far as plumbing tools go, I've never had a problem with Ridgid tools, ever. They figured out a long time ago that if you build something of quality it will stand the test of time, be traded/sold/bought for its value time and time again because of its true worth.

        I've seen many products try to match/identify with their products and always play second fiddle to the talent. Meaning, you bought XXX because you couldn't afford a Ridgid.

        At least that's what I've learned from years of owning/using tools in my profession along with personal use.
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          Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

          My TP1300! I have lots of ways to cut wood into any shape or size i want, but my planer takes the raw wood and makes it any thickness I want a really smooth. It more than paid for itself with the savings of buy rough lumber from the mills. Of course I do like my tablesaw, bandsaw, wood lathe, Micro seesnake, jigsaw, and Reciprocating saw too, but my planer is my favorite.
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            Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

            well the only type of ridgid tool i own lol a drill


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              Re: Your Favorite RIDGID Tool/s You Own?

              My K39, steel pipe wrenches, tubing cutters, 300 threader....

              I agree that these tools are built to last.