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Empire State Building Disgrace

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    Re: Empire State Building Disgrace

    Originally posted by darius View Post
    One import from China that I would like to see is the death penalty for economic crimes. You know, such as those committed by our politicians, banks and other big corporations every day to the peril of your country and mine.

    Instead, they are being "penalized" (sometimes), by not being elected the next time over. Big deal. By then they have accumulated enough fat to not really care. If they loose a race for some office they become "consultants" to lobbyists and they continue getting fatter. If they were executed instead (preferably by means of a cruel and unusual punishment) the economy might have been healthier.
    I don't think there's any question that if held accountable, politicians would behave very differently when in office. Sadly, our political system will not change any time soon. I'm pretty sure we are headed for much worse economic and social times because nothing is being done to change the equation that got us here.


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      Re: Empire State Building Disgrace

      Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
      Tony, I both agree and disagree with some of the things you wrote. Communist china beats us every time, because of cheap labor, the absence of labor laws, environmental protection laws and advocates, AND the short sightedness of our legislators. In the name of "Free" trade our leaders allowed the exodus of millions of jobs, rather than enact laws to make it unprofitable to pick up business and move it to cheap labor and irresponsible manufacturing behaviors. The situation could be changed and we could reverse the current trend, but it would take an enormous effort, plan and execution. I doubt our dysfunctional government can pull it all together, the combination of new laws to both encourage manufacturing and business to take root here and abandon the cheap labor and business friendly atmosphere elsewhere. We probably are doomed because with every cycle of consumer purchase and government debt we grow weaker and weaker until we have nothing left with which to purchase or borrow! Businesses only saw profit margin and neglected their consumer market, consumers only saw cheaper cost and ignored the resulting higher unemployment at home.
      I used to live in a democracy in Australia but over the last forty years our two major parties State and Federal have become one, I look at it as a relay race where the party in government hands the batten onto the opposition, and our real rulers are the beaucrates in the back rooms who are not elected by the people, who really run the country and nothing is going to change as bread and circus is always dangled in front of the plebs to hide what is really going on and then it will be to late.
      So all you can do is look on the bright side or go mad.



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        Re: Empire State Building Disgrace

        Cactus man; There are a hand full of us teachers that do not tow the company line. We sit huddled alone in the lunch room plotting our revenge against an administration hell bent on turning our kids into wishy washy knee jerk liberals. We close our classroom doors and speak to the students of freedom and personal responsibility, of integrity, honesty, loyalty and pride. We do our best to try and un-do 12 years of liberal indoctrination and show the kids just how magnificent this nation is.

        Shameless pitch - READ COMMON SENSE by Glenn Beck, Yes I know a bunch of you think he's a nut case but I guarantee that if you read this book, your eyes will be opened. There are no lies therein and no propaganda. Just irrefutable facts that span the history of our nation.