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Finally done!! - Josh's waterproofing.

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    Re: Finally done!! - Josh's waterproofing.

    Good job Josh. I would slightly bury that sump line along the front of the sidewalk area, with using some big-O piping as a weeping bed, with some gravel, to have it weep out toward the road from there, without having a 4" or so PVC pipe poking along your front yard. Just a thought.

    But, good job. For such a tall, computer-type guy ( ), you did quite the job. First, CPW whips Rick's butt on some of the RoundUp games. Now, you complete this grueling little task. Great going, buddy. I would offer you a cigar in congratulations, but....

    Also, good cinematography on Helen's part - I like how she got your good side! And those boys looked like they were ready to jump off of that deck! My little guy is now running around the house, and whenever I've got to do something with one of my power tools, it's "Oooooh!!!", and he comes running over, wanting to help out.

    Glad you got it done okay, with what should be more than enough time for the full 28-day max-time curing of that cement before we get into the really cold temps of winter. The ground that deep won't get frozen for another 2 months or so (hopefully), so that will shore up very nicely.

    Hopefully you got things done at a decent cost too. I'm not sure how much that BlueSeal stuff is there, but it sounds like you did good with doing the majority of the work yourself, and having a family member with a Bobcat, etc.