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  • Looking For Donations

    I got a letter from the Republican National Committee today asking for donations and it included a questionaire. This was my response.
    "The Republican Party is as much out of touch with mainstream America as the Democratic Party, that is why we have a Democratic President! Under both parties our borders remained wide open, twenty million plus illegals did not just appear under the Obama administration. Which party will address the trade deficit, stop the outsourcing of American jobs, bring back manufacturing to the USA and stop enriching communist china and the rest of the world? The bailouts and stimulus which President Bush started, do not work. America needs jobs. Will the Republicans get rid of the special interest groups, the lobbyists? I doubt it, so we keep getting overcharged through every government purchase and transaction. How much longer can our government borrow from communist china? How much longer can we fund our war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan? Personally I think both parties have helped destroy our economy and neither offer any solution to any of the problems facing our once great nation. Keep trading control of the government with the Democrats and printing more money, the world soon won't accept it and your agendas will be your downfall."

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    Re: Looking For Donations

    I recently received the same letter...and my responses are similar to yours!

    Where they asked for money I declined and told them they already have my money! They took it from my IRA and 401K

    The sad thing is 2 weeks before any election everything is peachy and they all get reelected!

    We simply have an extremely short memory! Both sides are corrupt!

    I typically vote no on all bond issues, "temporary taxes" etc....Hey if I have "X" dollars a year to use I budget accordingly...they should be able to do that too or we can find others....

    Look at your telephone bill..I have basic coverage at $13.00 and change per month [land-line] Then tally up the fees and taxes keeping in mind the word fee is government speak for tax...Its total is almost $13.00 too!!!!! and one tax is for the rubber in WW-2
    You'd think we paid that off by now?

    One more the news we are hearing from so many "experts" I want to know how they can find the address to the white house so they can speak to the powers to the news folks are impotent! and the white house does not have dish or direct TV.

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Looking For Donations

      I just found the letter upsetting because the Republicans were trying to imply they were very different from the Democrats, when in fact neither party has had the best interest of the American public for years! How could both look the other way as millions of jobs exited? Neither party seems to be able to secure our borders or suggest a way to slow down the federal spending so we didn't have to go into debt with communist china. I won't repeat all the other serious issues that have gone unaddressed for years. Our time is running out, how much more debt can we afford and how much more credit will be extended? When do we get the jobs? Forget the fund raising, save our country!