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One last question - sump pit and gfi

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  • One last question - sump pit and gfi

    Well... everything is installed and runs great on my new basement dewatering setup. The sump only has to run during large rains and the pit does nicely for the smaller ones allowing the water to dicipate.

    i put in an outdoor outlet which has a 20amp gfci.

    Since the cord on the sewage pump is only 8 ft long I cant plug directly in. So I used a 10 ft extension cord and ran it through some conduit and into the side of the pit where I plugged in the pump about 5 ft above the water.

    Problem is.. when it gets wet outside the gfci trips because of the extension cord. I can plug just about anything into my 10ft cord and it will trip the gfci within 5 seconds... even when it isnt on.

    I suspect this is because of tiny amounts of moisture somehow finding the ground.

    Anyways... I am leaning toward replacing the outlet with a square non-gfi outlet. Probably not to code but its not near a pool or pond or anything.

    You can sorta see where I have my outlet in the pic... its the green in front of me on the siding.

    I wish the cord from the sump was long enough but it just wont make it back to the house.

    Any suggestions.

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    Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

    Hard wire it.
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      Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

      Bet you 16 fingers and 4 thumbs that the cord magically falls out of the socket if you don't hard wire it
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        Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

        Yeah.. hardwiring was another option. Would run conduit down to the ground and through the wall of the pit then make a nice water tight seal in there.


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          Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

          That's pretty involved. I was thinking of splicing the wire, connecting a longer piece of wire and running it to a new or combo box where the existing box is.
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            Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

            Here's how I'd do it, if it was my house:

            GFCI inside the home, line ran outside on the "LOAD" side of that plug.

            Run in flex conduit to another box that has a master disconnect switch inside of it, with a waterproof cover. << Single gang box with weather type cover.

            From that box to a box that is mounted to the inside of that wall, run flex conduit from box to box, another weather type cover. Single duplex outlet and spray the outside of that duplex receptacle with teflon spray, to keep it from rusting up.

            Run the lead from the pump and connect to the outlet, but harness the wire with a clamp or 3 nylon cable ties so it can never be pulled out of the outlet by vibration.

            ALWAYS take a drill and drill some holes about 6" below that mounted box in that tube, with larger gravels sized bigger than the holes you drilled so when this pump goes into fail mode or electric failure occurs,

            That water will rise inside that tube and start draining out before ever reaching that mounted box, and will save that scenario from playing out if by chance the GFCI doesn't protect.

            This way the GFCI stays dry inside and all connections with exception of that last connect from pump to outlet will be sealed tight.
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              Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

              I'd call an electrician. Seriously.

              Or splice/heat shrink/hardwire some bury approved wire.



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                Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

                since there's no official electrician jumping in yet, i'll give it a go

                #1 a gfi is the last thing you want on a sump pump or a fridge.

                a definite purpose outlet doesn't require a gfi. install a single outlet, not a duplex and you'll be fine.

                #2 if you cut that cord and splice or anything, you void the warranty. water/ moisture will wick its way into the pump.

                #3 buy a proper pump with the proper length cord.
                i routinely swap cords on zoller pumps and have never, ever had an issue with 1. having the proper cord and water tight seals, it's pretty simple.

                #4 make sure you install an outdoor outlet cover that's water resistant with the cord plugged in.

                #5 if you really want to add a 10' to your existing cord, then et a roll of that stretchy silicon tape and stretch wrap it. it's waterproof when applied properly.


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                  Re: One last question - sump pit and gfi

                  Shoot, I'll bet a few wraps of tape over wire nuts will suffice for at least the life of the pump, which sees year round duty.

                  Hard wire for anything permanent and outside is the Rule.

                  I bet you guys think my house is one big "hurry-up-and-make-it-work-'cause-I'm-not-getting-paid-to-do-it" type of house, doncha?
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