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Bay bridge night mare

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  • Bay bridge night mare

    Just missed the cable falling! Was returning from Hayward with Allum for a weld Job.
    I was a cert. welder and have done Bridge work. No U.T. Inspections All welds X rayed.
    I am at a loss to see these screwups everywhere! If it ain't pilots flying passed airports
    It's weld testing Engs. signing off crap welds ,or Engs. designing faulty connections.
    I don't know what gave ,But they knew last night ,and won't say. What fell [ steel Yoke ]
    Was the weight of a harley Elec. Glide! Thank God some little family wasn't passing under it in their auto. WHAT ELSE WILL FAIL ON THAT BRIDGE?
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    Re: Bay bridge night mare

    Tool, the bridge is older than you or I, and I have to wonder with the way things are the last dozen years how many inspections or how much periodic maintenance has been papered away and not performed, all in the name of saving money!

    It goes something like this: "We'll keep taxes down this year by not doing that inspection, the past 6 times we did it everything was fine. We should skip it this year and change the frequency to every third year, that will save even more money."

    That's the same lie that's been going around for the past 25 years on ALL our bridges, roads, dams, water mains, etc. Nobody wants to pay for infrastructure maintenance. You can't see it and there's little if any value to elected officials when election time comes, so they NEVER do work on hidden commodities in election years, only roads cause that is the single biggest interaction between a citizens tax dollars and their government, or at least the one they interface with on a daily basis. Every time you hit that pothole you'll remember that it needs fixing. And the politician who votes to get it fixed (in the months right before election day of course) gets the recognition for making it happen.
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      Re: Bay bridge night mare

      Our country has grown and so to have the number of bridges and other structures that must be maintained. I think it's partly a matter of finances and accountablilty. If someone is going to held accountable there is a greater chance they will do their job properly. Unless politicians hold degrees in engineering, how can they decide what and when things must be checked and repaired or replaced? I think these structural failures will become more frequent until there is a change in policy nationwide. Imagine how many structures must be inspected, big rigs on the roads properly maintained and inspected, then there are the people to be overseen, ex-cons, convicted registered sex offenders, abusive parents. Have we run out of money or people to check everything and everyone? Still no excuse for sloppy or negligent work.


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        Re: Bay bridge night mare

        They charge me $4 a day to cross this thing, I was under the impression that my toll fee was being used to maintain the bridge...
        Just a thought, I have not heard any one else mention, 20 years ago this month, an earthquake caused a section to collapse.
        It was then that they decided to rebuild a replacement alongside the original. 20 years later and the replacement is still not ready???


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          Re: Bay bridge night mare

          These non engineer politicians are the same ones who sent lawyers, not accountants, to inspect the banks.

          The Lawyers verified that no laws governing derivatives were broken (there were none) instead of finding that they were a poor investment and should have been regulated.


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            Re: Bay bridge night mare

            From what I read it appears the part that failed had just recently been replaced or worked on, and then inspected and found a crack and that was Repaired or reinforced, and that failed a few days later, and as said it was the section that failed during the earth quake and had been rebuilt.
            so some thing is defiantly wrong, either with the manufacture, installation, or the quality of work being preformed, or the engineering


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