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the cops call it 20 20

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  • the cops call it 20 20

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    Re: the cops call it 20 20

    I feel sorry for you people back there,
    I realize there is little open space that one can shoot but that is Interesting, $65 for 50 rounds of 22, glad I live where I do, then having to be 21 to even shoot.

    Does not the law enforcement have there own shooting ranges?
    It gives indication that law enforcment make up a large part of there membership.

    Glad I live in the wide open spaces,
    I know the picture is not the best but if you look closely there are about a dozen deer in the center up on the hill, this is a strip I planted back to grass, a few years ago, the grass is coming back fairly well, there are another 300 aces on the other side of the hill here,
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    "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."
    attributed to Samuel Johnson
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      Re: the cops call it 20 20

      yes in new york city it is hard to shoot. they won;t even let you handle a hand gun unless you have a license.

      on the other hand, you can drive 30 miles north and buy an arsenal.

      i like to shoot. but i am also a total peace and love hippy. i literally try not to harm insects. i also try not to walk on any plant. hippy. hippy with a gun. hmmmm.


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        Re: the cops call it 20 20

        on the other hand maybe that is a good thing in nyc EXCEPT that it seems that it is easy as pie to get a gun if you want one. either in virginia or on utica avenue in brooklyn yo.